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  • Image enhancement with lightness correction and image sharpening based on characteristics of vision for elderly persons
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-06-05
    Daiki Moriyama, Tadahiro Azetsu, Chiaki Ueda, Noriaki Suetake, Eiji Uchino

    In general, as people age the functions of their sensory organs deteriorate. For example, in the eye of an elderly person, the visual field becomes dark owing to a decrease in the amount of light reaching the retina. Moreover, objects appear blurred due to a decrease in contrast sensitivity. In particular, the contrast sensitivity decreases remarkably as the spatial frequency increases. In this study

  • An orthogonal-beam Doppler velocity measurement system based on a single laser diode
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-30
    Wei Liu, Wendi Yan, Yuan Wang, Chunlei Jiang, Yuhan Geng, Tao Yuan, Peng Chen

    A novel method for analyzing a rotating target by an orthogonal-beam Doppler velocity measurement system on the basis of a single laser diode is presented. Using the method of fast Fourier transform after smoothing filter, we can obtain two groups of Doppler frequency shifts in the spectrum to calculate the velocity of a rotating target. A theoretical analysis and an experimental setup have been implemented

  • HDR image reproduction based on visual achromatic response
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-29
    Geun-Young Lee, Hyuk-Ju Kwon, Sung-Hak Lee

    High-dynamic range image reproduction using tone-mapping algorithms are used for image processing to reduce the dynamic range of a real scene to be displayed on low-dynamic range devices. General tone-mapping methods are associated with the determination of local parameters for tone compression and the halo artifact connected to detail enhancements. This paper proposes a lightness-preserved tone-mapping

  • Achieving the polarization-manipulated multispectral perfect absorption and sensitive sensing via a metal/insulator/metal elliptical nanocavity array
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-29
    Wenjuan Cai, Yingcong Zhang, Shihua Cai, Xianping Wang, Jian Wu, Cheng Yin, Xingjiao Zhang, Wen Yuan, Qingqiang Kuang, Haimei Luo, Minghuang Sang

    We present a polarization-manipulated multispectral perfect absorber based on a 2D metal/insulator/metal nanocavity array, in which a periodic structure of stacked Au–Al2O3 elliptical nanodisk is deposited on a bulk flat Au substrate. Theoretical analysis of the electromagnetic property showed that both the dipolar plasmon resonance and the plasmon cavity mode are the physical origins of the near-perfect

  • A novel driving scheme for oil-splitting suppression in Electrowetting display
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-24
    Zhijie Luo, Junjun Fan, Jiazhi Xu, Guofu Zhou, Shuangyin Liu

    To achieve quick-response Electrowetting displays with an accurate gray level performance for image applications, oil-splitting is an important issue which needs to be optimized. The study found that oil patterns affect the pixel aperture ratio. This paper proposes a novel driving waveform that can suppress an oil-splitting phenomenon without affecting the refresh rate. The experimental results show

  • Best-fitting sphere of aspheric surface based on spherical aberration
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-22
    Bao-zhu Pan, Jing Tang

    In order to understand the physical meaning of the best-fitting sphere of aspheric surface, based on the optical design idea of the aberration theory, the relationship between the curvature radius of the best-fitting sphere and the spherical aberration for the full aperture aspheric surface is set. The result is consistent with the traditional calculation method, which gets mainly from the geometric

  • Multiple self-mixing interferometry based on lock-in amplifier analysis for vibration measurement
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-19
    Zihua Zhang, Fuli Wang, Tao Yuan, Chengwei Li

    In this paper, a novel phase demodulation method for multiple self-mixing interferometry (MSMI) is proposed, which can improve the resolution and accuracy of vibration measurement in laser self-mixing interferometry (SMI). The sinusoidal phase modulation of the beam is obtained by an electro-optic modulator (EOM), and phase demodulation is performed by a lock-in amplifier analysis method. The phase

  • Simulation of light scattering by two nano-sized circular cylinders using NS-FDTD method and interference analysis
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-16
    Dong Zhu, Chengtao Feng, Juan Huan, Kaibin Chu

    Scattering problem by one cylinder whose radius is comparable to incident wavelength can be solved by Mie theorem. Due to complicated multiple scattering, scattering characteristics by two adjacent cylinders cannot be easily expounded. In this paper, high-accuracy non-standard finite-difference time domain (NS-FDTD) method is utilized to simulate electromagnetic field scattered by two nano-sized circular

  • Mid-infrared dual-cladding photonic crystal fiber with high birefringence and high nonlinearity
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-08
    Zhiwei Shen, Keyao Li, Chunhua Jia, Hongzhi Jia

    We propose two mid-infrared photonic crystal fibers with an elliptical As2S3 core and a dual-cladding structure with high birefringence and high nonlinearity. The cladding filling material is silica and the core material is As2S3. The full vector finite-element method is used to study the birefringence, and nonlinear coefficient of the structure in the 3–5 μm band. The Simulation results show that

  • Trace gas detect based on spectral analysis and harmonic ratio
    Opt. Rev. (IF 0.868) Pub Date : 2020-05-04
    Shuxin Yin, Yunfei Liu, Taiji Dong

    A novel method of gas concentration calibration for tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy, in which spectral analysis and harmonic signal intensity ratio measurement are combined, is proposed in this study. A harmonic signal is extracted from a transmitted light intensity by spectral analysis. The ratio of the second harmonic to the first harmonic is proportional to the gas concentration. The

  • Digital Three-dimensional Reconstruction Based On Integral Imaging.
    Opt. Rev. Pub Date : 2015-08-04
    Chao Li,Qian Chen,Hong Hua,Chen Mao,Ajun Shao

    This paper presents a digital three dimensional reconstruction method based on a set of small-baseline elemental images captured with a micro-lens array and a CCD sensor. In this paper, we adopt the ASIFT (Affine Scale-invariant feature transform) operator as the image registration method. Among the set of captured elemental images, the elemental image located in the middle of the overall image field

  • Chromatic-Spatial Vision of the Aging Eye.
    Opt. Rev. Pub Date : 2004-07-01
    John S Werner,Peter B Delahunt,Joseph L Hardy

    The human visual system undergoes continuous anatomical, physiological and functional changes throughout the life span. There is also continuous change in the spectral distribution and intensity of light reaching the retina from infancy through senescence, primarily due to changes in the absorption of short-wave light by the lens. Despite these changes in the retinal stimulus and the signals leaving

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