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特刊:Systematic Artificial Intelligence

期刊:Discover Artificial Intelligence

客座编辑:Patrick Henz & M. Varalatchoumy


This Topical collection is intended to provide a platform where authors can discuss their perceptions, conclusions, and experience regarding the integration of intelligent artificial algorithms into other systems, such as companies, societies, religions, politics, arts, or other AIs. This topic collection intends to bridge the gap between technological aspects and real-life perception without missing the essence of the various technologies involved.

Such discussions can have various starting points, including the role of AI in transforming lives, the impact of AI in human engineering and the various technologies involved. Several technologies are used in developing Artificially Intelligent and reliable systems. To mention a few, Deep Learning and Convolutional networks are the core technologies used to build AI based Computer Vision systems that think and behave like humans. Digital Twins require sensors and big data. Nevertheless, “Very Large Digital Twins” may even pass the possibility to perversely perceive the original via sensors. Examples are biospheres, societies, planets, or even solar systems. Of course, this can also go into the Cyborg concept, as AI (via smartphone), even if (mostly) not integrated into our body, became a significant part of us. Hyperautomation describes the circumstances that everything which is capable of being automated, will be automated. A higher number of such processes may not even be consciously noted by humans (or animals), but subconsciously influence them. This leads to nudging, a rising area, used by organizations to shift the behavior of its members, but also external stakeholders, such as clients or citizens. In this topical collection, authors can share all their experiences with respect to AI and the technology, envisioning concepts, including critical discussions from a technical standpoint, as well behavioural science or philosophy, through various case studies. Potential use cases are only limited by imagination.


特刊:Sustainable Food Systems and Urban Food Policies

期刊:Discover Sustainability

客座编辑:Ee Von Goh, Maysoun A Mustafa, Johanna Schott & Antonio Allegretti


Food systems play a central role in all societies and are fundamental to ensuring sustainable development. A sustainable food system delivers food security and nutrition for all in such a way that the economic, social and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations are not compromised. Rapid urbanisation is challenging the existing food supply chain globally with impacts across production, trade, processing and consumption of food, consequently negatively transforming food systems. A key indicator of this disruption of food systems is the prevalent coexistence of micronutrient deficiency (or “hidden hunger”) and increasing rates of overweight and obesity globally. Nutritious foods have become increasingly unaffordable, while the nutrition-insensitive global food trade and business models have concomitantly encouraged and sustained unhealthy eating habits and changing norms of food cultures globally. The extensification and intensification of food production across the value chain to meet rising and changing demands arising from urbanisation pose significant social and environmental impacts which are detrimental to progress on meeting the sustainable development goals (SDGs) 2030 agenda.

This call is aimed at gathering inter- and trans- disciplinary and sectoral efforts to facilitate the sustainable development of urban food systems that is equitable, resilient, nutrition-sensitive and ensures the accessibility and affordability of nutritious food by all members of society. Given the multidimensional nature of food systems, such transition will require partnership and cooperation from different stakeholders across the food systems at local, national, regional, and global levels. We welcome empirical work (including case and comparative studies) that would help develop learning, and conceptual and perspective papers that present new viewpoints and arguments as well as alternative policies and approaches towards creating sustainable urban food systems.


特刊:Economics of Energy Transition to Mitigate Global Warming

期刊:Discover Energy

客座编辑:Taoyuan Wei


Global warming is a global challenge and energy transition plays an important role in mitigating the global warming. It is essential for the whole energy system to become net zero emissions by 2050 to reach the target of limiting the global warming announced in the Paris Agreement in 2015. One important issue to motivate the climate-friendly energy transition is to provide sufficient economic motivations for economic agents to produce and consume more green energy and phase out the fossil fuels. Hence, the Topical Collection focuses on economic analysis of energy transition to mitigate global warming. All studies relevant to this theme are welcome. The candidate articles can be theoretical, numerical and empirical at global, regional, national, and sectoral level.


Advanced local therapies from nano-engineered implants and biomaterials

期刊:Journal of Nanobiotechnology

客座编辑:Karan Gulati & Ruirui Qiao


Nano-engineering of implants and biomaterials is emerging as an ideal strategy to enable local and controlled elution of potent therapeutic molecules to achieve maximized local therapeutic action. Local therapies allow for tailored and customizable treatments for specific conditions, bypassing conventional intravenous drug administration. Further, the next generation of nano-engineered implants are incorporated with responsive/triggered nanoparticles (both synthetic and natural like exosomes), towards their long-term sustained release. Moreover, such systems permit safe delivery of sensitive yet potent molecules like growth factors, directly inside the compromised implant micro-environment. This special issue covers such advanced therapies from the surface of nanoscale modified implants and biomaterials, which would result in a paradigm shift in local customizable therapeutic treatments. The special issue welcomes original research, communications and review articles.


特刊:Quantum Random Number Generation

期刊:EPJ Quantum Technology

客座编辑: Yury Kurochkin, Roman Shakhovoy & Kai Bongs


Random numbers constitute an important part of science, finance, engineering, and contemporary cryptographic systems. Large number of everyday applications, such as mobile communications, non-cash payments, emailing, internet-banking, cryptocurrency, blockchain networks, use certain sources of randomness. Overwhelmingly, these sources represent computer algorithms for generating pseudorandom numbers, which are potentially vulnerable for various attacks. Emerging quantum computers could make pseudo-randomness-based cryptographic systems defenseless; therefore, much attention is paid today to quantum key distribution or “quantum cryptography” systems, where quantum random number generators (QRNGs) take a special place.

The main goal of the topical collection “Quantum Random Number Generation” is to reveal the need for QRNGs in various areas of science and business and to facilitate the dialogue between the academia and commercial information technology companies. This special issue addresses the survey of various quantum entropy sources. Special attention will be paid to formal definition of quantum and classical randomness and to the problem of quantum entropy extraction. An additional objective of this collection is an overview of manufacturers and their solutions on the market of QRNGs.


特刊:Novel Numerical Methods for Electric Propulsion Modeling

期刊:Journal of Electric Propulsion

客座编辑:Lubos Brieda & Francesco Taccogna


The electrostatic particle in cell (ES-PIC) method has become an invaluable tool for studying the physics of electric propulsion devices or their interaction with spacecraft components. However, the classic approach utilizing a Cartesian grid, fixed macroparticle weight, and an imposed separation between a "device" and a "plume" domain has led to a number of difficulties including the inability to resolve fine geometrical features, noise in the representation of low density species, strong assumption on boundary conditions, and an artificial break in the governing physical equations. Submissions are thus sought from the community on novel numerical techniques for modeling electric propulsion devices, their components, and spacecraft interactions. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

- Direct kinetic "Vlasov" or hybrid

- Vlasov approaches 

- Meshfree techniques 

- Models for resolving the dynamic surface / plasma interface 

- Collisional algorithms beyond classic DSMC, plasma / surface chemistry models 

- Hardware-specific approaches, including embedded and edge-computing numerical techniques 

- Multiphysics models capturing effects such as charging, erosion, heat transfer, and radiative emission 

- Multifidelity and reduced-order models, physics-based machine learning 

- Other novel numerical techniques


特刊:Sports engineering and biomechanics

期刊:Scientific Reports

客座编辑:Simon Choppin,  Steph Forrester & Andrew Post


As for other aspects of life, technology and innovation play a pivotal role in sport. From optimizing the material and design of swimwear in order to reduce water resistance, to developing immersive virtual reality experiences capable of simulating the competitive environment, technology has changed how sports are coached, played, and experienced. As sports systems become more complex and technology-driven, a relatively new but rapidly expanding, multidisciplinary field – one that aims to identify and solve problems associated with sport, health, and exercise – is emerging: sports engineering.

This Collection is dedicated to research in sports engineering and biomechanics with a focus on the design of human-centred solutions to improve the performance, health, and safety of players and athletes. We will consider advances in equipment design, sports surface design, wearable technologies, athlete performance analysis, sports injury prevention solutions, and novel coaching tools.


特刊:Artificial Photosynthesis

期刊:Scientific Reports

客座编辑:Sheshanath Vishwanath Bhosale, Diego Cazorla-Amoros & Sofian M. Kanan


Artificial photosynthesis mimics the process of natural photosynthesis to convert sunlight (and water) into energy. Unfortunately, while nature makes this look easy, artificial photosynthesis is more complicated. The process is typically much less efficient, and works best with expensive catalysts like platinum. Stability and degradation of devices and the separation of the photocatalytic products are also hurdles to be overcome. Nevertheless, artificial photosynthesis has the potential to become an excellent source of renewable energy in the future.

This Collection brings together the latest research developments in all areas of artificial photosynthesis.



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