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这些五月截止的征稿特辑适合你么?| 心理研究 生物物理 地球环境 | Scientific Reports

期刊:Scientific Reports

征稿特辑:Call for papers





Time perception 时间知觉

客座编辑:Elena Gheorghiu, Hirohito Kondo, Ana Pinheiro 

This Collection focuses on the malleability and fluidity of human time perception. Specifically, why the perceived temporal order of events, as well as their duration, can be easily affected and distorted by various factors, including emotional states, feelings of control, or perceived causality. This Collection welcomes research providing insight into this malleability, as well as that which explores individual differences in time perception, in both the neurotypical population, as well as individuals with psychiatric disorders, in which imprecise or atypical patterns of temporal processing might be a feature of the disorder or an underlying reason for other symptoms.



Sense of agency and mind perception in human-machine interaction 


客座编辑:Konstantina Kilteni, Atte Oksanen, Michael Richardson

With technology such as phones, cars, and computers gaining more and more presence in our daily lives, it is increasingly important that these interactions are efficient and positive. This Collection considers two psychological aspects underlying our interactions with machines: sense of agency and mind perception. While a sense of agency - feeling in control over actions and their outcomes - is particularly important when operating a car or a computer, perceiving a mind in inanimate objects is of relevance when interacting with machines such as nursing robots. This Collection gathers papers exploring what factors influence both aspects, as well as research shedding some light on how they guide the nature and quality of our interactions with machines.



Moral judgement and decision making 道德判断和决策

客座编辑:Kathryn B. Francis, Uri Hertz, Fanli Jia

During social interaction, we evaluate and make decisions about each other's behaviour and actions. However, factors underlying this decision making can be complex, and are often non-transparent to those making them. The focus of this Collection will be the processes underlying moral judgements, or in other words, how we make decisions of punishment or reward, attribute responsibility, and infer causal relations. This will include work that investigates how we decide between causal responsibility for harm and culpable mental states, as well as what people's perceptions of harm are and how they differ between individuals. We also welcome research exploring how various factors - expectations, prior beliefs, relationships - influence how we evaluate other's actions.



The bodily self 身体自我

客座编辑:Jane Aspell, Morten Overgaard, Catherine Preston

A sense of self through which we experience and interact with the world is a key aspect of most of our awake state. As such, how our brain creates a sense of self is of great interest, to both psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists. This collection focuses on how our brain integrates and applies external and internal signals to give rise to bodily self-consciousness, as well as what the purpose of a bodily self could be, and how it changes under different conditions. The Collection will feature work exploring different aspects of bodily self-consciousness, such as body ownership, body awareness, and the first-person perspective. Additionally, studies investigating factors that influence our sense of self - interoceptive and exteroceptive signals, multisensory integration, internal body states, or social context - will be included. We welcome research on the neurotypical population as well as psychiatric conditions associated with disturbances of the self.



Ocean-based climate actions 海洋气候行动

客座编辑:Greeshma Gadikota, Hamed Moftakhari, Alexander Soloviev

The ocean covers more than 70 percent of our planet, has significant impact on our climate and atmosphere, and is critical to life on Earth. Yet, it is threatened by climate change. But the ocean could be an essential piece of the solution to global climate change.

This Collection aims to showcase primary research on ocean-based solutions and geoengineering approaches in the fight against climate disruption by promoting offshore renewable energy, CO2 sequestration by the ocean, conservation and restoration of coastal and marine ecosystems, solar radiation management, mitigation of hurricane damage in coastal regions, coastal resiliency and adaptation, preservation of coral reefs from bleaching, and the development and implementation of strategies to improve marine aquaculture and fisheries productivity. We also encourage submissions that assess the environmental impact and potential adverse effects of these actions.



 Spintronics 自旋电子学

客座编辑:Supriyo Bandyopadhyay, Tamalika Banerjee, Marc Cahay

Spin is the intrinsic angular momentum of a particle. For electrons and holes, spin is oriented in one of only two possible directions “up” or “down”. Spintronics - spin electronics - is an emerging field in condensed matter, that exploits the spin properties of an electron or hole, as well as it’s associated magnetic momentum and charge, for information storage and logic operation applications. This Collection gathers together the latest research on spintronics, from next generation spintronic devices to present day applications.



Ecology of extreme events 极端事件生态学

客座编辑:Nicoletta Cannone, Atsushi Ishida, Jessica H. Whiteside

From past mass extinctions to current disastrous wildfires, life on Earth, and the ways species interact with each other and their environment, have been shaped by a long history of extreme events. This Collection welcomes submissions from all areas, as well as interdisciplinary research, focusing on how extreme events influence the ecology of single species and whole ecosystems. We will consider research providing insights into past events and outcomes, as well as that which bears on present conservation efforts and future projections.



RNA-protein interactions RNA-蛋白质相互作用

客座编辑:Hong-Yu Hu(中国科学院上海生物化学与细胞生物学研究所), Bibekanand Mallick, Thomas Preiss

RNA-binding proteins play critical role in the regulation of gene expression and maintaining homeostasis of the cell. They are involved in development; when they malfunction they may lead to cancer or other life-threatening diseases. With the emergence and development of high-throughput technologies that allow us to probe these proteins at scale, we are now gaining new insights into the mechanisms behind regulatory power of RNA-binding-protein complexes. This Collection will bring together papers describing those insights.



Industrial microbiology 工业微生物学

客座编辑:Paola Branduardi,Nilotpala Pradhan, Arivalagan Pugazhendhi

Rapid recent advances in genomic and synthetic biology technologies have fuelled a paradigm shift in industrial microbiology. Micro-organisms are being modified, optimised, and utilised for the large-scale synthesis of an expanding list of products - including food, fuels, and pharmaceuticals - as well as for waste remediation and pollution control. With more than 99.9% of the Earth’s microbial species awaiting discovery, the yet untapped potential of industrial microbiology seems almost limitless. The harnessing of microorganisms does however carry significant risks, given how readily they propagate and exchange genetic material, which also need to be considered and mitigated. This Collection welcomes submissions on all aspects of industrial microbiology, from microbe characterisation and engineering to risk assessment and mitigation.



Quantum imaging 量子成像

客座编辑:Lucia Caspani, Matteo Clerici, Ting Yu

Quantum imaging covers a range of advanced imaging techniques, which exploit the quantum properties of light in order to build a high quality optical image of an object. These techniques often deploy correlated photon pairs to achieve a sensitivity and/or resolution beyond that of classical optics. In addition, as photon pairs can be of different wavelengths, we can develop systems where one photon interacts with an object, and the other is detected by the camera; such a phenomenon provides a route to advanced infrared imaging. These advantages have profound implications in many real-world applications, such as gas sensing, biological microscopy, and medical imaging. This Collection will bring together original research in quantum imaging systems, and showcase the latest advances in the underlying technology and methods– e.g. photon pair sources, single photon detectors/cameras, and time stamping technologies.


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