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Staff Scientist, The Molecular Foundry, LBNL, 2005–2007 Postdoctoral Fellow, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, 2003–2005 University of Hamburg, Germany, Ph.D., 2002 Belarusian State University, Diploma 1996


Nanocrystals in Molten Salts Our group recently reported on the formation of colloidal solutions of NCs dispersed in molten inorganic salts. Molten inorganic salts represent a very attractive class of solvents for the synthesis and processing of nanomaterials due to their high temperature stability, wide electrochemical window, stability in the presence of highly reactive species, the ability to dissolve many ionic solids not soluble in traditional solvents, and transparency in a broad range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Currently we explore both fundamental and applied aspects of these unusual colloidal media. State-Resolved Charge Transport in Colloidal Quantum Dots The novel hybrid surface passivation process efficiently eliminates surface states of HgTe QDs, enabling reversible filling of quantum-confined orbitals, switching between n-type and p-type transport, and air-stable tunable doping. The striking observations of well-resolved conductance peaks for the HgTe QD FETs and unprecedentedly high electron mobility for QD devices showing transport through discrete electronic states, represent a new level of control and performance in the application of QD solids. Direct Optical Patterning of Inorganic Materials We introduced a general chemical approach for photoresist-free, direct optical lithography of functional inorganic nanomaterials (DOLFIN). The patterned materials can be metals, semiconductors, oxides, magnetic, or rare earth compositions. No organic impurities are present in the patterned layers, which helps achieve good electronic and optical properties.


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Composition-defined Optical Properties and the Direct to Indirect Transition in Core-Shell In1–xGaxP/ZnS Colloidal Quantum Dots Aritrajit Gupta, Justin C. Ondry, Kailai Lin, Yunhua Chen, Margaret H. Hudson, Min Chen, Richard D. Schaller, Aaron J. Rossini, Eran Rabani and Dmitri V. Talapin. Accepted for publication in Journal of the American Chemical Society. Hybrid organic-inorganic two-dimensional metal carbide MXenes with amido- and imido-terminated surfaces Chenkun Zhou, Di Wang, Francisco Lagunas, Benjamin Atterberry, Ming Lei, Huicheng Hu, Zirui Zhou, Alexander S. Filatov, De-en Jiang, Aaron J. Rossini, Robert F. Klie and Dmitri V. Talapin. Accepted for publication in Nature Chemistry. High-efficiency stretchable light-emitting polymers from thermally activated delayed fluorescence W.i Liu, Cheng Zhang, Riccardo Alessandri, Benjamin T. 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