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PROFESSIONAL CAREER Professor of Chemistry, Wuhan University 2013 to present Postdoc Research Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab 2012 to 2013 EDUCATION University of California-Los Angeles Ph.D in Chemistry, 2011 Advisor: Omar M. Yaghi Fudan University B.S. in Chemistry, 2007 Advisor: Dongyuan Zhao WORKING/TEACHING EXPERIENCE Thousand Talent Plan, China 2013 Award for Outstanding Chinese Student Studying Abroad,Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Los Angeles 2011 Excellence in Academics and Research Award, UCLA 2010


Carbon Dioxide Capture and Conversion CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission has caused a series of negative impacts to our environment, such as global warming and ocean acidification. It is imperative to find a solution not only to capture CO2 but also to convert it into useful product, such as methanol like the photosynthesis, but in a more efficient manner. One of our mission is to use nano-porous crystals to capture CO2 and convert it in-situ. Hydrogen Storage As a next generation fuel, hydrogen has attract enough attention in the past few decades. Aside from large scale production of H2 through water splitting, the storage is another critical issue. Our strategy is to develop porous materials with extremely large surface area to store H2 through physical adsorption Enrichment and Storage of Natural Gas Nowadays, natural gas become a popular fuel option due to less hazardous gas emission and lower cost in comparison to gasoline. With the design and application of novel porous materials, we aim at obtaining natural gas will higher quality during the mining process and store them more efficiently. Production of Green Porous Materials From Natural Materials The synthesis of porous materials usually involve extensive use of industrial chemical products, which eventually add more burden to the self-cleaning system of the earth.Replacement of traditional industrial chemicals with natural product such as glucose and amino acid to make useful porous materials will be a greener process.


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