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2017- Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 1999-present Professor, Nanjing University 2001-2005 Cheung Kong Professor, Ministry of Education 1996-1999 Research Associate, University of Edinburgh, UK 1996-1996 Visiting Scientist, University of British Columbia, Canada 1994-1996 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of London, Birkbeck College, UK 1989-1994 PhD Student, University of Padua, Italy 郭子建,博士生导师,中国科学院院士,英国皇家化学会会士。现任南京大学化学和生物医药创新研究院院长,南京大学新生学院院长,南京大学学术委员会副主任,配位化学国家重点实验室(南京大学)学委会副主任,国务院学位委员会学科评议组(化学)成员,教育部科技委员会委员化学化工学部委员,中国化学会常务理事。担任爱思唯尔CoordChem Rev副主编,中国化学会《无机化学学报》主编,以及NatSci Rev, Dalton Trans等国内外多家学术期刊编委或顾问编委等。曾主持多项国家自然科学基金重点项目,科技部973计划重大科学前沿领域项目(首席科学家),国家自然科学基金委创新群体(学术带头人),得到国家基金委化学生物学领域首个重大研究计划培育、集成及择优项目的连续资助以及多项国家自然科学基金重点项目。曾获教育部2015年度自然科学一等奖,意大利化学会2016年度Luigi Sacconi奖章,2020年度“亚洲生物无机化学学会杰出成就奖”等奖项。团队长期从事化学生物学交叉领域研究,在生物无机传感与成像示踪、金属抗肿瘤药物的分子作用机制与靶向输运及金属人工核酸酶等方面取得了系列创新性研究成果,已发表SCI论文300余篇,被引用1.9万次,H指数70。


Metal-based Antitumor Agents and Artificial Nucleases Platinum-based anticancer drugs play critical role in the treatment of many different malignancies. However, there is a huge scope in further rational design of these complexes to overcome the side effects, resistance and toxicities which often accompanying the chemotherapy. Metal-based artificial nucleases provide much diverse DNA cleavage abilities and activities, and can be applied in modern biotechnology and medicine. In this context, our research work focuses on the design of metal complexes with novel structural features and reactivities. Transitional metals such as platinum, palladium, nickel, copper and zinc are employed in these studies. Targeting and delivery (DTD) strategies can be used to prevent the above mentioned shortcomings of platinum-based chemotherapy. Our approaches include conjugation of platinum drugs with selective targeting moieties or encapsulation of platinum drugs in host molecules or particles to achieve enhanced permeability and retention effect in tumour tissues. For example, bis-phosphonates, peptides, proteins and nanoparticles are commonly used in targeting and delivery studies. Metal-Biomolecule Interactions Metal complexes exert their biological effects and activities by interacting biomolecules such as DNA and proteins. For example, the anticancer efficacy of platinum anticancer drugs was achieved by their interaction with DNA without being deactivated by cellular proteins. Metal induced b-amyloid aggregations are potentially associated with Alzheimer’s disease, and this why metal chelators can have a role in the therapy of the disease by eliminate excessive causative metals. In these aspects, we have been investigating the role of metals and metal complexes in their DNA and protein interactions and recognitions. These studies are important for the understanding of the mechanism of action of metal-based biological and medicinal agents. Fluorescent Imaging and Phototherapy Coordination chemistry plays an essential role in the design of photoluminescent probes for biological inorganic species. Metal coordination-induced alteration or nucleophilic addition of small molecule is essential for the development of fluorescent sensors for these species. Related applications in photoluminescent sensing and detection. We have been recently developed a variety of fluorescent sensors which can be used for the detection of biologically essential metal ions, environmentally toxic heavy metals, inorganic drug species, DNA nucleases, and small signaling inorganic molecules.Photophysical and photochemical processes could also be adopted for photobased therapy such as PDT, PTT.


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