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Water and Environment Journal is an internationally recognised peer reviewed Journal for the dissemination of innovations and solutions focussed on enhancing water management best practice. Water and Environment Journal is available to over 12,000 institutions with a further 7,000 copies physically distributed to the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) membership, comprised of environment sector professionals based across the value chain (utilities, consultancy, technology suppliers, regulators, government and NGOs). As such, the journal provides a conduit between academics and practitioners. We therefore particularly encourage contributions focussed at the interface between academia and industry, which deliver industrially impactful applied research underpinned by scientific evidence. We are keen to attract papers on a broad range of subjects including:

  • Water and wastewater treatment for agricultural, municipal and industrial applications
  • Sludge treatment including processing, storage and management
  • Water recycling
  • Urban and stormwater management
  • Integrated water management strategies
  • Water infrastructure and distribution
  • Climate change mitigation including management of impacts on agriculture, urban areas and infrastructure

Submissions that respond to the following integrated themes are also encouraged:

  • Circular Economy
  • Resilience
  • Resource Recovery
  • Water-Energy-Food nexus
  • Environmental conservation, ecosystem services measurement, and valuation and natural capital accounting related to water resources

The journal publishes research and review articles. Preferred contributions will introduce the application of emerging or innovative solutions to industrially important challenges. Contributions seeking to apply existing methods are welcomed but their impact and novelty should be made clear. In all cases, authors should ensure that their research is contextualised to enrich understanding of the impact of arising new knowledge to industry and the wider academic community. Reviews for the ‘Leading-Edge Innovation’ series are by invitation only. Authors seeking to submit a Review Article for general consideration are to contact the Editor-in-Chief to discuss the scope and suitability of the proposed contribution prior to submission.


Dr Ewan McAdam

Ewan became a member of academic staff at Cranfield University in 2008. Prior to this, Ewan worked in industry for over five years, initially as an analytical chemist, holding positions in an Executive Agency of DEFRA and a global pharmaceutical manufacturer, before later turning to consultancy. His current research focus is on developing innovative wastewater treatment technology to resolve key industrial challenges, with particular emphasis on membrane separation, anaerobic systems, energy production from wastewater, gas-liquid mass transfer and resource recovery.

Ewan McAdam
Cranfield Water Science Institute
Building 52a (First Floor)
Vincent building
Cranfield University
Bedfordshire MK43 0AL
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 (0) 1234 754546
E-mail: e.mcadam@cranfield.ac.uk

Associate Editors

Mr Robin Walls, MCIWEM, C.WEM

Robin Walls is a consulting scientist in the fields of water treatment, water quality and analysis, environmental impact assessments and ecology. He began his professional career as an analytical chemist working on atomic absorption spectrophotometry for Hilger and Watts. Since then he has worked on domestic and industrial effluent treatment problems before being appointed Chief Scientist and Works Manager for a small water company in the UK. On reorganisation of the water industry in 1990 he opted to be a consultant to give him an opportunity to accept contracts related to the wider environment and utilise his skills as a field botanist and ecologist. Major contracts have included technical audits of UK water companies and public analysts, process scientist for large consultancies, external verification of NVQ and QCF qualifications in the water industry, botanical illustration, vegetation analysis and surveys of the Somerset Levels and elsewhere in Britain.

Email: robin@rmwalls.plus.com

Dr Anna Laura Eusebi - Assistant Professor of Chemical-Environmental Engineering, Università Politecnica delle Marche

Eng. Anna Laura Eusebi, PhD (F) is assistant professor of Chemical-Environmental Engineering at Università Politecnica delle Marche. She worked in 2006 and 2007 as contract researcher developing the main topics of the biological processes for the sludge reduction and of the optimization of the flow scheme in industrial wastes treatment plants. She finished in 2009 the PhD course in Engineering of Materials, Waters and Soils with thesis concerning the advanced nutrients removal by intermittent biological processes. Actually, her main research topic is related to the advanced biological and chemical processes for removal and recovery the main nutrients. From 2010 is the operative referent for the research and development activities in the Pilot and Demo Hall of the University located inside a real wastestewater plant. Her expertise is mainly applied in demonstrative and full scale plants with collaborations or coordination of about 40 research commissioned by water utilities, water industries and public authorities. Anna participated in some national projects and in three European projects (FP7 and Horizon 2020). She has published about 30 papers and more than 50 international conference proceedings.

Email: a.l.eusebi@univpm.it

Professor Pedro A. García Encina - Professor of Environmental Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, School of Industrial Engineering, University of Valladolid

I have developed my research activity in the field of waste and wastewater treatment, with special emphasis on the application of biological processes. This activity began more than 30 years ago with the application of anaerobic fluidized bed reactors for the treatment of wastewater. In addition to the application of anaerobic processes for the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater, research was carried out towards the removal of nutrients through nitrification. At this moment my research is focused on the use of processes with microalgae for the treatment of both wastewater with nutrients and gas streams with high CO2 content and subsequent exploitation of the biomass generated either globally or from their fractions. Some molecular biology tools are applied to study the influence of environmental and operational parameters on biologfical population dynamics in treatment systems, and emergent pollutant behaviour in water treatment systems.

Email: pedrogaen@gmail.com

Professor Yan Zhou - Assistant professor in The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr. Yan Zhou is currently an Assistant Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Deputy Director of Advanced Environmental Biotechnology Center (AEBC) under Nanyang Environement and Water Research Institute (NEWRI). She received her PhD degree in Chemical Engineering, from Advanced Water Management Center (AWMC), Univerity of Queensland in 2008. Since she joined NTU, her research efforts have been focused on energy efficient water treatment and reclamation, and resources recovery from sludge and waste. Specifically, her research interests are (1) Energy harvesting from municiple and industrial wastewater, (2) Energy reduction in nutrient removal process, (3) Sludge management and energy recovery, (4) Nutrient recovery and reuse. More information about Dr. Zhou can be found here.

Email: ZhouYan@ntu.edu.sg

Editorial Board

Dr. K. Akande FCIWEM, C.WEM
Mott MacDonald
Email: Kunle.Akande@mottmac.com

Professor R. Al Khaddar FCIWEM, C.WEM
Liverpool John Moores Univeristy
School of Built Environment
Email: r.m.alkhaddar@ljmu.ac.uk

Dr. M. S. M. Chan
Principle Geo-environmental Engineer
Stantec UK Limited
Email: May.Chan@stantec.com

Dr. D. Chen
Senior Engineer
ChangJiang River Scientific Research Institute
Email: chenduan@mail.crsri.cn

Dr. R. Clark
Email: rmclark@fuse.net

Dr. D.J. Cook
Email: djandrjcook@btinternet.com

University of Bristol
Water and Environmental Management Research Department
Email: a.feest@bristol.ac.uk

Mr. R. Gregory MCIWEM, C.WEM
Email: rossg@dsl.pipex.com

Dr. B. T. Hawkins
Duke University
Center for WaSH-AID
Email: brian.hawkins@duke.edu

Dr. A. Heather
Mott MacDonald
Email: Andrew.Heather@mottmac.com

Mr. Y. Hong
New Technology Research Lead
Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
Email: Youngseck.hong@suez.com

Dr. G. Li
Tongji University
College of Environmental Science and Engineering
Email: ligm@tongji.edu.cn

Dr. L. Mendoza-Espinosa
Automomous University of Baja California
Oceanographic Research Institute 
Email: lmendoza@uabc.edu.mx

Dr P. J. Newman FCIWEM, C.WEM
Email: peternewman53@ntlworld.com

Dr K. Odeyumi MCIWEM, C.WEM
Abertay Univeristy
Natural and Built Environment Department
Email: K.Oduyemi@abertay.ac.uk

Mr. M. Porter MCIWEM, C.WEM
Porterworks Ltd.
Email: mike.porter@porterworks.co.uk

Professor D. Reynolds
University of the West of England
Department of Applied Sciences
Email: Darren.Reynolds@uwe.ac.uk

Professor J. N. Sahu
University of Stuttgart
Email: Jay_sahu@yahoo.co.in

Dr. D. Saroj
Senior Lecturer
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
University of Surrey
Email: d.saroj@surrey.ac.uk

Dr. L. Vera
Universidad de la Laguna
Chemical Engineering Department
Email: luvera@ull.edu.es

Professor D. H. Zitomer
Professor and Chair of the Department of Civil,
Construction & Environmental Engineering
Marquette University
Email: daniel.zitomer@mu.edu

Editorial Office

Victoria Harris
Editorial Office Assistant
The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)
106-109 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QS
Tel.: +44 (0)20 72695814
Fax: +44 (0)207 405 4967
Email: victoria.harris@ciwem.org

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