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Rigidification or interaction-induced phosphorescence of organic molecules 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Massimo Baroncini, Giacomo Bergamini, Paola Ceroni 

Dual-pathway chain-end modification of RAFT polymers using visible light and metal-free conditions 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Emre H. Discekici, Shelby L. Shankel, Athina Anastasaki, Bernd Oschmann, In-Hwan Lee, Jia Niu, Alaina J. McGrath, Paul G. Clark, David S. Laitar, Javier Read de Alaniz, Craig J. Hawker, David J. Lunn 

Liquefaction-induced emission enhancement of tetraphenylethene derivatives 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Takashi Machida, Ryosuke Taniguchi, Tsuyoshi Oura, Kazuki Sada, Kenta Kokado 

Typical AIE dye, TPE, was liquefied by attaching long and branched alkyl chains. The obtained liquid dye showed intense emission compared to the solid dye or TPE. The linkage between...

A rechargeable Al-ion battery: Al/molten AlCl3-Urea/graphite 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Shuqiang Jiao, Handong Jiao, Chen Wang, Jiguo Tu, Donghua Tian 

A new Al-ion battery based on an affordable and nontoxic liquid electrolyte made from molten AlCl3/Urea was assembled. As the cathode materials, nature graphite shows two well-defined discharge voltage plateaus...

Enhanced photocatalytic activity of gold nanoparticles driven by supramolecular host-guest chemistry 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Marc Padilla, Francesca Peccati, Jose Luis Bourdelande, Xavier Solans, Gonzalo Guirado, Mariona Sodupe, Jordi Hernando 

Functionalization of gold nanoparticles with supramolecular hosts allows their plasmon-based photocatalytic activity to be enhanced. This is mainly ascribed to the formation of labile host-guest complexes with the reagent molecules...

Electrochemical Cycling and Beyond: Unrevealed Activation of MoO3 for Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Reactions 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Pitchai Thangasamy, N Ilayaraja, Duraisamy Jeyakumar, Sathish Marappan 

We demonstrate an electrochemical cycling-induced reduction of MoO3 to monoclinic molybdenum dioxide and molybdenum sub-oxides (MoO3-x) which exhibit excellent electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). The conversion of MoO3 during cycling...

A red-NIR fluorescent dye detecting nuclear DNA G-quadruplexes: in vitro analysis and cell imaging 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Filippo Doria, MATTEO NADAI, Michela Zuffo, Rosalba Perrone, MAURO FRECCERO, Sara N Richter 

Aggregation, red-NIR emission and light up upon binding to G-quadruplex nucleic acids have been investigated for a prototype core-extended naphthalene diimide, which is capable of fast cellular entry and nucleolar...

Palladium-catalyzed aerobic (1+2) annulation of Csp3-H bonds with olefin for the synthesis of 3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hex-2-ene 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Kun Wu, Lingkui Meng, Zhiliang Huang, Chao Liu, Xiaotian Qi, Mingming Huai, Aiwen Lei 

A novel palladium-catalyzed aerobic (1+2) annulation was developed for the synthesis of 3-azabicyclo[3.1.0]hex-2-ene. The palladation of Csp3-H bonds took place twice at the same position in the whole reaction process....

Pentazadiene: a high-nitrogen linkage in energetic materials 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

fuxue chen, Q Wang, Fu-Qing Pang, Fude Nie, Jinglun Huang, Guilong Wang  

A novel N5-linear energetic moiety of pentazadiene has been constructed for the first time from triazene precursor. Thus, a series of 1,3,5-tri(tetrazol-5-yl)pentaza-1,4-dienes have been syn-thesized in moderate to high yield...

Palladium-Catalyzed Interannular meta-C-H Arylation 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Peng-Xiang Ling, Kai Chen, Bing-Feng Shi 

The interannular meta-selective C-H arylation of biaryl-2-trifluoroacetamides using Pd(II)/norbornene catalysis is reported. The installation of trifluoroacetyl protecting group to tune the electronic property and binding ability is essential for the...

Transition Metal-Free Stereospecific Access to (E)-(1-fluoro-2-arylvinyl)phosphine Borane Complexes 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

kevin rousee, Xavier Pannecoucke, Annie Claude Gaumont , Jean-Francois Lohier, Fabrice Morlet-Savary, Jacques Lalevee, Jean-Philippe Bouillon, Samuel Couve-Bonnaire, Sami Lakhdar 

This work describes the first transition metal-free stereospecific synthesis of (E)-(1-fluoro-2-arylvinyl)phosphine boranes through the addition of diarylphosphido-boranes to gem-bromofluoroalkenes at room temperature. The reaction proceeds well under very mild conditions...

Switching Chirality in the Assemblies of Bio-based Amphiphiles Solely by Varying their Alkyl Chain Length 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-23

Pei Zhang, Jun Ma, Xinchen Kang, Huizhen Liu, Chunjun Chen, Zhanrong Zhang, Jianling Zhang, Buxing Han 

Here we show that chirality inversion can be realized solely by changing the alkyl chain length of sorbitol-alkylamine surfactants. The chirality switch phenomenon is attributed to twist of headgroup, which...

Organocatalyzed aerobic oxidative Robinson-type annulation of 2-isocyanochalcones: expedient synthesis of phenanthridines 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-20

Zhongyan Hu, Jinhuan Dong, Yang Men, Yifei Li, Xianxiu Xu 

Metal 'Turn-off', Anion 'Turn-On' Gelation Cascade in Pyridinylmethyl Ureas 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-20

Caroline Offiler, Christopher David Jones, Jonathan W Steed 

Pyridinylmethyl ureas form strong gels in aromatic solvents. The gels are weakened or destroyed by addition of transition metals but gelation is recovered by adding bromide anion giving rise to...

[V4Mo3O14(NAr)3([small mu ]2-NAr)3]2- : the First Polyarylimido-Stabilized Molybdovanadate Cluster 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-20

Yichao Huang, Jiangwei Zhang, Jingxuan Ge, Chong Sui, Jian Hao, Yongge Wei 

The first molybdovanadate cluster with a polyarylimido trimetal fragment, [V4Mo3O14(NAr)3([small mu ]2-NAr)3]2-, was in-situ synthesized by using (TBA)3[H3V10O28] as proton and vanadium sources. Additional aniline hydrocholides will give rise to the formation...

From 2-methylimidazole to 1,2,3-triazole: A topological transformation of ZIF-8 and ZIF-67 by post-synthetic modification 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-20

Mustafa Erkartal, Ufuk Erkilic, Benjamin Tam, Hakan Usta, Ozgur Yazaydin, J T Hupp, Omar Farha, Unal Sen 

Bridging ligand replacement in zeolitic imidazolate frameworks, ZIF-8 and ZIF-67, by 1,2,3-triazole was investigated. A complete substitution of 2-methylimidazole by 1,2,3-triazole resulted in a topological transformation of the parent framework...

Reversible covalent interactions of [small beta]-aminoboronic acids with carbohydrate derivatives 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-20

Graham E. Garrett, Diego B. Diaz, Andrei K. Yudin, Mark S. Taylor 

N-N bond formation in Ugi Processes: from nitric acid to libraries of Nitramines 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-20

Laurent El Kaim, laurence Grimaud, Gian Cesare Tron, Marie Cordier, Valentina Mercalli, Aude Nyadanu 

The Ugi reaction has drawn considerable attention over the years leading to numerous libraries of heterocycles and various extensions changing the nature of the components of the coupling. We wish...

Programmable DNA Triple-Helix Molecular Switch in Biosensing: From Homogenous Solution to Living Cells 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-20

Pinting Tang, Jing Zheng, Jianru Tang, Dandan Ma, Wei J. Xu, Jishan Li, Zhong Cao, Rong-Hua Yang 

Herein, we demonstrated a new gold nanoparticles (AuNPs)-integrated programmable triple-helix molecular switch (THMS) to realize biosensing of multiple targets from homogenous solution to living cells. The results demonstrated that this...

A novel AcOH-promoted metal-free cascade N-acyliminium ion/aza-Prins cyclization of o-formyl carbamates and homoallylamines is reported. This one-pot protocol provides efficient and rapid access to masked cis-hydroxyhexahydropyrido[1,2-c]quinazolin-6-ones with concomitant generation of...

Enhancing optical anisotropy of crystals by optimizing bonding electron distribution in anionic groups 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Bing-Hua Lei, Zhihua Yang, ShiLie Pan 

The response electron distribution anisotropy (REDA) approximation was proposed to analyze the relationship between optical anisotropy and distribution of bonding electrons in compounds. Furtherly, the optical anisotropy of tetrahedral chromophore...

Facile synthesis of Ag@Au core-sheath nanowires with greatly improved stability against oxidation 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Miaoxin Yang, Zachary D Hood, Xuan Yang, Miaofang Chi, Younan Xia 

We report a facile synthesis of Ag@Au core-sheath nanowires through the conformal deposition of Au atoms onto the surface of pre-synthesized Ag nanowires. The resulting Ag@Au nanowires showed morphology and...

Unprecedented photochemical rearrangement of an open-cage C60 derivative 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Tsukasa Futagoishi, Michihisa Murata, Atsushi Wakamiya, Yasujiro Murata 

6-exo-trig Michael Addition-Lactonizations for Catalytic Enantioselective Chromenone Synthesis 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Andrew D Smith, Alexandra Slawin, David Bradford Cordes, Rifahath Neyyappadath 

The catalytic enantioselective 6-exo-trig Michael addition-lactonization of enone-acid substrates to form cis-chromenones with high diastereo- and enantiocontrol was developed using the commercially available isothiourea tetramisole. An acidic workup proved necessary...

Development of Catalytic Deacylative Alkylations (DaA) of 3-Acyl-2-Oxindoles: Total Synthesis of meso-Chimonanthine and Related Alkaloids 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Nivesh Kumar, Mrinal Kanti Das, Santanu Ghosh, Alakesh Bisai 

We present an effective deacylative alkylation strategy for the construction of a variety of 2-oxindoles bearing all-carbon quaternary center at the pseudobenzylic position. A wide variety of products with quaternary...

A GSH-activatable ruthenium(II)-azo photosensitizer for two-photon photodynamic therapy 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Leili Zeng, Shi Kuang, Guan-Ying Li, Chengzhi Jin, Liang-Nian Ji, Hui Chao 

A glutathione (GSH)-activatable ruthenium(II)-azo photosensitizer was prepared. The complex had low toxicity towards cells under dark conditions. It exhibited excellent phototoxicity under two-photon excitation (810 nm) and thus was developed...

Polymers from sugars: cyclic monomer synthesis, ring-opening polymerisation, material properties and applications 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Georgina Louise Gregory, Eva Maria Lopez Vidal, Antoine Buchard 

Platics are ubiquitous in modern society. However, the reliance on fossil fuels and the environmental persistence of most polymers make them unsustainable. Scientists are facing the challenge of developing cost-effective...

Coupling Multiphase-Fe and Hierarchical N-doped Graphitic Carbon as Trifunctional Electrocatalysts by Supramolecular Preorganization of Precursors 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Zhixin Zhou, Fei He, Yanfei Shen, Xinghua Chen, Yiran Yang, Songqin Liu, Toshiyuki MORI, Yuanjian Zhang 

A hydrogen bond-driven supramolecular strategy to synthesize multiphase-Fe anchoring on hierarchical N-doped graphitic carbon was proposed. As a result, the as-obtained catalysts showed unusual trifunctional activities in oxygen reduction reaction,...

moxDendra2: an inert photoswitchable protein for oxidizing environments 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Andrii Kaberniuk, Nicholas Morano, Vladislav Verkhusha, Erik Snapp 

Fluorescent proteins (FPs) that can be optically highlighted, enable PALM super-resolution microscopy and pulse-chase experiments of cellular molecules. Most FPs were evolved in and for the cytoplasm and, therefore, may...

Rational design and controllable preparation of holey MnO2 nanosheets 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Gaini Zhang, Lijun Ren, Zhe Yan, Liping Kang, zhibin lei, Hua Xu, Feng Shi, ZongHuai Liu 

A novel holey technique for MnO2 nanosheets has been firstly developed by in-situ redox reaction between the MnO2 nanosheets and the adsorbed Fe2+ ions at room temperature, in which Fe2+...

A new diamond-like semiconductor (DLS), Li4HgGe2S7, shows the first example of exhibiting unusual 10-membered LiS4 rings in reported quaternary sulfide DLSs. Remarkably, Li4HgGe2S7 exhibits the excellent performances with concurrently large...

Bacteria-templated fabrication of a charge heterogeneous polymeric interface for highly specific bacterial recognition 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Han Bao, Bin Yang, Xingwang Zhang, Lecheng Lei, Zhongjian Li 

A novel bacteria-imprinted polymer (BIP) was fabricated for bacterial recognition with bacteria-templated surface initiated polymerization. Charge distribution on bacterial outer surfaces was encoded onto the charge heterogeneous BIP interfaces as...

Liquid membrane transport of potassium fluoride by the organotin-based ditopic host Ph2FSnCH2SnFPh-CH2-[19]-crown-6 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Alain Charly Tagne Kuate, Muhammad Moazzam Naseer, Klaus Jurkschat 

Extraction of KF from aqueous media and transport through an organic membrane is extremely challenging owing to the high hydration energies of especially the F- anions. A novel organotin-based ditopic...

Catalytic stereospecific O-glycosylation 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Karolina Kowalska, Christian Marcus Pedersen 

A new simple protocol, using TMSNTf2 or Tf2NH as the catalyst, for the activation of trichloroacetimidate donors is described. This O-glycosylation is stereospecific and hence gives inversion of the donor...

Amino Group Enhanced Phenazine Derivative as Electrode Material for Lithium Storage 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Bingbing Tian, Zijing Ding, Guo-Hong Ning, Wei Tang, Chengxin Peng, Bo Liu, Jie Su, Chenliang Su, Kian Ping Loh 

The development of organic molecule-based batteries is hampered by stability issues caused by dissolution of the active organic materials in electrolyte. Herein, phenazine (PNZ) and 2,3-diaminophenazine (DAP) are investigated as...

A Ag-catalyzed formal [3+2]-cycloaddition of [small alpha]-trifluoromethylated methyl isocyanides with polar double bonds has been developed for the facile access to trifluoromethylated oxazolines, imidazoline and pyrroline under mild conditions. The practicality...

Kinetically controlled hierarchical self-assemblies of all-trans-retinoic acid on Au(111) 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-19

Chao Li, Na Li, Liwei Liu, Yajie Zhang, Chenyang Yuan, Lian-Mao Peng, Shimin Hou, Yongfeng Wang 

Kinetically controlled hierarchical self-assemblies of all-trans-retinoic acid on Au(111) are investigated by low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy in ultra-high vacuum. The dominant molecular hierarchical superstructure can be selectively controlled to dimer,...

Selectively lighting up two-photon photodynamic activity in mitochondria with AIE-active iridium(III) complexes 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

Jiangping Liu, Chengzhi Jin, Bo Yuan, Xingguo Liu, Yu Chen, Liang-Nian Ji, Hui Chao 

Herein a series of mitochondria-targeted AIE (aggregation-induced emission)-active Ir(III) complexes were designed to selectively exert one-/two-photon photodynamic activities in mitochondria to address the issues which current PDT are confronted with...

Iodinated Cyanine Dyes: A New Class of Sensitisers for use in NIR Activated Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)[dagger] 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

John F Callan, Jordan Atchison, Sukanta Kamila, Heather Nesbitt, Keiran A Logan, Dean M Nicholas, Colin Fowley, James Davis, Bridgeen McCaughan, Anthony Patrick McHale 

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is an approved anti-cancer treatment but is limited to the treatment of superficial lesions due to the inability of visible light to penetrate deeply through human tissue....

Synthesis of cyclohexylidenehydrazines-fused polycyclics via photocatalytic radical cascade reaction of 2-ethynylaldehyde hydrazones 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

Chengjian Zhu, nengneng zhou, Jing Liu, Zhongfei Yan, Zhongkai Wu, Honglin Zhang, Weipeng Li 

A general and efficient visible-light photoredox-catalyzed cascade annulation of 2-ethynylaldehyde hydrazones with [small alpha]-bromo-carbonyls for the synthesis of various cyclohexylidene-hydrazines-fused polycyclic compounds is described. This protocol is characterized by a broad...

Multi-enzyme cascade reactions using protein-polymer surfactant self-standing films 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

Thomas Farrugia, Adam Periman, Kamendra Sharma, Stephen Mann 

Hierarchical self-assembly is used to fabricate bio-catalytically active, self-supporting protein-polymer surfactant films capable of sustaining two- or three-enzyme cascade reactions.

Affibody-Targeted Fluorogen Activating Protein for in vivo Tumor Imaging 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

Yi Wang, Byron Ballou, Brigitte Schmidt, Susan Andreko, Claudette St. Croix, Simon C. Watkins, Marcel Bruchez 

Molecular imaging using near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence is useful for intraoperative imaging and real-time margin identification. Directly conjugated IR dyes possess useful properties for in vivo imaging, but conjugation often substantially...

Template-Free Hierarchical Self-Assembly of a Pyrene Derivative into Supramolecular Nanorods 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

Mohamed El Idrissi, Simon Teat, Philippe Corvini, Martin J. Paterson, Scott Dalgarno, Patrick Shahgaldian 

The accurate molecular design of organic building blocks is of great importance for the creation of large supramolecular entities with precise dimensional organisation. Herein we report on the design of...

Self-assembly, Self-sorting, and Electronic Properties of a Diketopyrrolopyrrole Hydrogelator 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

Emily Draper, Bart Dietrich, Dave Adams 

We show here the first example of a hydrogel formed from a symmetrically functionalised diketopyrrolopyrrole aromatic core. Gelation is tiggered by change in pH. Not only does this gelator form...

Supramolecular Hydrogels Directed Self-assembly of C, N-doping Hollow CuO as High-performance Anode Materials for Li-ion Batteries 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

Fucong Lyu, Sicen Yu, Min-Chan Li, Zhenyu Wang, Bo Nan, Shaofei Wu, Lujie Cao, Zhifang Sun, Ming-Yang Yang, Wenxi Wang, Chaoqun Shang, Zhouguang Lu 

A novel hollow structure CuO with homogeneous C, N dopant derived from chitosan coated Cu/Cu2O composite hollow spheres which is mass produced by a supramolecular hydrogel templating method. The as-produced...

The self-assembly of 1,2,3-triazole and ionic 1,2,3-triazolium "clicked" poly (3-hexylthiophene)-b-poly(methylmethacrylate) (P3HT-b-PMMA) rod-coil diblock copolymers was used to fabricate honeycomb-patterned porous films via the "Breath Figure" templating. Surface and inner morphologies...

Synthesis of Regioregular [small pi]-Conjugated Polymers Consisting of Lactam Moiety via Direct Heteroarylation Polymerization 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-18

Yunping Huang, Nannan Zheng, Zhenfeng Wang, Lei Ying, Fei Huang, Yong Cao 

Regioregular polymers based on the asymmetric dithieno[3,2-b:2',3'-d]pyridin-5(4H)-one (TN) unit that consists of lactam moiety were synthesized via palladium-catalyzed direct heteroarylation polymerization. The random orientation of lactam moiety can be prevented...

Desymmetrization of Aziridine with Malononitrile using Cinchona Alkaloid Amide/Zinc(II) Catalysts 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Noriyuki Shiomi, Mami Kuroda, Shuichi Nakamura 

The catalytic enantioselective desymmetrization of aziridines with malononitrile has been developed. Good yield and enantioselectivity were obtained by using cinchona alkaloid amide/Zn(II) and base catalysts. The obtained product can be...

Fluorogenic Probes to Monitor Cytosolic Phospholipase A2 Activity 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Cheng Yang Ng, Timothy Xiong Wei Kwok, Francis Chee Kuan Chee Kuan Tan, Chian-Ming Low, Yulin Lam 

Arachidonic acid derivatives equipped with either one or two fluorescent groups attached to the tip of the alkyl chains were synthesized and shown to function as inhibitor and substrate probes...

Novel P2-type Na2/3Ni1/6Mg1/6Ti2/3O2 as an anode material for sodium-ion batteries 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Pengfei Wang, Hu-Rong Yao, Tong-Tong Zuo, Ya-Xia Yin, Yu-Guo Guo 

A novel P2-type Na2/3Ni1/6Mg1/6Ti2/3O2 material is explored as an anode for sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) for the first time. It delivers a reversible capacity of 92 mA h g-1 with a...

Cyclopentadithiophene-Benzoic Acid Copolymers as Conductive Binders for Silicon Nanoparticles in Anode Electrode of Lithium Ion Batteries 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Kuo-Lung Wang, Tzu-Husan Kuo, Chun-Feng Yao, Shu-Wei Chang, Yu-Shuo Yang, Hsin-Kai Huang, Cho-Jen Tsai, Masaki Horie 

Cyclopentadithiophene and methyl-2,5-dibromobenzoate have been copolymerised via palladium complex catalysed direct arylation. The methyl ester group in the benzoate unit is converted to the carboxyl group via saponification. The polymers...

Rhenium(I) complexes of N-heterocyclic carbene ligands that bind to amyloid plaques of Alzheimer's disease 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Chung Ying Chan, Asif Noor, Catriona McLean, Paul Stephen Donnelly, Peter Barnard 

A series of [Re(I)L(CO)3]+ complexes (where L is a bifunctional bis(NHC)-amine ligand) that are analogues of potential Tc-99m diagnostic imaging agents for Alzheimer's disease have been synthesised. One of the...

Atom- and Pot-Economical Consecutive Multi-Step Reaction Approach to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Raji reddy Chada, Dilipkumar Uredi, Ravula Shravya 

A novel one-pot benzannulation reaction has been developed for the synthesis of substituted polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from the direct coupling of propargylic aldehydes/alcohols with 1,1-diarylethanol through an atom-economical uninterrupted...

Synthesis of 3-(Aminomethyl)pyridine by Traceless C3-Selective Umpolung of 1-Amidopyridin-1-ium Salts 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Pingsheng Tang, Dehai Xiao, Bo Wang 

A natural product inspired rapid access of 3-(aminomethyl)pyridine by one-pot reaction of 1-amidopyridin-1-ium salt with aminal followed by reductive cleavage of the N-N bond is developed. This C3-selective formal C-H...

Oxygen Surface Groups of Activated Carbon Steer the Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Substituted Nitroarenes over Nickel Nanoparticles 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Yujing Ren, Haisheng Wei, Guang-Zhao Yin, Leilei Zhang, Ai-Qin Wang, Tao Zhang 

Oxygen surface groups of activated carbon, produced by nitric acid treatment, are not only able to prevent Ni particles from sintering but also able to preferentially interact with nitro group...

Photoresponsive, reversible immobilization of virus particles on supramolecular platforms 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Nora Weineisen, Rianne Hommersom, Jens Voskuhl, Shrikrishnan Sankaran, Alexis DePauw, Nathalie Katsonis, Pascal Jonkheijm, Jeroen J L M Cornelissen 

Here we report on the covalent attachment of photoresponsive azobenzene moieties to cowpea chlorotic mottle virus (CCMV). The modified virus capsids can be reversibly immobilized on cucurbit[8]uril (CB[8]) bearing surfaces...

Efficient activation of visible light-activatable CA4 prodrug through intermolecular photo-unclick chemistry in mitochondria 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-17

Moses Bio, Pallavi Rajaputra, Irene Lim, Pritam Thapa, Bomaonye Tienabeso, Robert E. Hurst, Youngjae You 

Photo-unclick chemistry mediates visible and near IR-controlled drug release via a singlet oxygen (SO)-cleavable linker. Due to the limited diffusion distance of SO in biological systems, a photosensitizer and the...

Enhancing the power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells via molecular plasmon-like excitations 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-16

Jian-Hao Li, Ganna Gryn'ova, Antonio Prlj, Clemence Corminboeuf 

A tactic for employing molecular plasmons to enhance solar-to-electric power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells is introduced. We offer general design principles of dimeric dyes in which a strong...

Single-Layer Dual-Phase Nematic Elastomer Films with Bending, Accordion-Folding, Curling and Buckling Motions 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-16

Li Liu, Bin Geng, Sayed Mir Sayed, Baoping Lin, Patrick Keller, Xueqin Zhang, Ying Sun, Hong Yang 

In this manuscript, we describe a two-stage temperature-varied photopatterning protocol to synthesize a series of single-layer dual-phase liquid crystalline elastomer (LCE) films. This protocol provides LCE films comprised of periodic...

Luminescent iridium(III) complexes as COX-2-specific imaging agents in cancer cells 

Chem. Commun. ( IF 6.567 ) 2017-01-16

Chenfu Liu, Chao Yang, Lihua Lu, Wanhe Wang, Weihong Tan, Chung-Hang Leung, Dik-Lung Ma 

Two luminescent iridium(III) complexes, 1 and 2, were synthesized and evaluated for their ability to probe COX-2 in human cancer cells. This is the first application of iridium(III) complexes as...

Some contents have been Reproduced with permission of the American Chemical Society.
Some contents have been Reproduced by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry.