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Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan: A Bibliographic Guide to Popular Music of the English-speaking Caribbean and its Diaspora by John Gray (review)
Fontes Artis Musicae Pub Date : 2021-04-22
Laura Donnelly

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  • Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan: A Bibliographic Guide to Popular Music of the English-speaking Caribbean and its Diaspora by John Gray
  • Laura Donnelly
Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan: A Bibliographic Guide to Popular Music of the English-speaking Caribbean and its Diaspora. By John Gray. Nyack, NY: African Diaspora Press, 2015. (Black Music Reference Series, vol. 6.) [496 p. ISBN: 978-0-98-441345-4. $124.95]

Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan is an extensive annotated bibliography meant, along with the companion work from the same author, Jamaican Popular Music (2011), to act as a comprehensive reference guide to the music of the English-speaking Caribbean. With an impressive 3,420 annotated entries, this volume focuses on topics of Caribbean culture broadly associated with Trinidad (rather than Jamaica), including Carnival, calypso, and steel pan, with a timeline ranging from 1930 to the present day.

John Gray, author and independent scholar, has published several other bibliographic guides, including the aforementioned Jamaican Popular Music (2011), as well as From Vodou to Zouk (2010), its French-Caribbean counterpart, Afro-Cuban Music (2012), and Afro-Brazilian Music [End Page 44] 2014), among others, all from African Diaspora Press. Accordingly, this volume fits into Gray's larger goal of compiling, along with previous works by Dominique-René de Lerma and others, a comprehensive and interactive reference guide for researchers of the African diaspora.

The text is divided into five sections: Cultural History and the Arts, Caribbean Festival Arts, Music of the English-speaking Caribbean and its Diaspora, Regional Studies (divided by island, nation, or state), and Biographical and Critical Studies, a format that mirrors previous bibliographic guides from Gray. 'Cultural History and the Arts', the shortest section of the volume, serves as a starting point for researchers interested in the region. This section first provides a list of general works on Anglophone Caribbean culture and the arts, and then more specifically by island or diasporic site in the U.S. (Florida), Great Britain, and Canada. 'Caribbean Festival Arts', offers sources on Carnival and other processional and masquerade traditions from the Caribbean, as well as New York, Toronto, and London. 'Music of the English-speaking Caribbean and its Diaspora' provides a comprehensive list of musical sources of the Anglophone Caribbean and its diaspora. 'Regional Studies' includes sources centred on the Caribbean as a region and then lists regional studies texts by locale (single island, nation, or state). 'Biographical and Critical Studies' provides sources on steel pan musicians and calypsonians. After these sections, the volume includes a list of sources consulted in the process of compiling its entries, a list of helpful libraries and archives, as well as an appendix of performers (both individual and ensembles) by occupation, and another appendix of musicians listed by country of origin.

A bibliographic guide such as this one is only as useful as it is comprehensive, and this volume is definitively thorough across several parameters. The most impressive quality of this volume is its breadth, highlighted by the number of annotations, the variety of sources, its meticulous organisation, and use of detail. While Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan lists the expected types of works for such a bibliography (academic monographs, edited volumes, journal articles, textbooks, and dissertations), it also lists valuable alternative types of sources including electronic resources, essays, song collections, children's books, reports, and other media. Furthermore, its use of detailed annotations is informative for prospective researchers. For example, in an entry for a report on cultural industries in CARICOM, Gray includes an annotation that the report 'examines the potential of the arts as a development tool for islands in the English-speaking Caribbean' (p. 2), and then highlights all music-relevant sections of the report, explaining that it 'includes sections on the music industry (pp. 32–57), the performing arts (pp. 135–155), and festivals (pp. 185–199)' (p. 2). This attention to detail is extremely helpful in the process of collecting and cultivating sources for a research project.

As a bibliographic guide, Carnival, Calypso and Steel Pan accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do: provide a valuable research tool for those interested in beginning projects in non-Jamaican Anglophone Caribbean topics. Significantly...


嘉年华,卡里普索和《钢锅》:约翰·格雷(英语:John Gray)讲英语的加勒比海地区和散居侨民的流行音乐书目指南



  • 嘉年华,卡里普索和《钢锅》:约翰·格雷(John Gray)讲英语的加勒比海地区和散居侨民流行音乐书目指南
  • 劳拉·唐纳利(Laura Donnelly)
嘉年华,卡里普索和《钢锅》:讲英语的加勒比海地区和散居侨民的流行音乐书目指南。约翰·格雷(John Gray)。纽约州Nyack:非洲侨民出版社,2015年。(《黑色音乐参考丛书》,第6卷。)[496页。ISBN:978-0-98-441345-4。$ 124.95]

Carnival,Calypso和Steel Pan是一个带注释的广泛参考书目,与同一作者Jamaican Popular Music(2011)的同伴作品一起,可以作为英语加勒比海音乐的全面参考指南。本书共有3,420条带注释的条目,着重于与嘉年华,卡里普索和钢锅广泛相关的与特立尼达(而不是牙买加)相关的加勒比文化主题,时间范围为1930年至今。

约翰·格雷(John Gray)是作家和独立学者,他还出版了其他一些书目指南,包括上述的《牙买加流行音乐》(2011年),以及《法孚至祖库克的伏都教与祖克》(2010年),其法属加勒比地区的《非洲古巴音乐》(2012年),以及《非洲巴西音乐》 (第44页, 2014年),所有这些都来自非洲侨民出版社。因此,本卷与Gray的更大编译目标以及Dominique-Renéde Lerma等人先前的著作(一个为非洲侨民的研究人员提供的全面而互动的参考指南)相吻合。

文本分为五个部分:文化历史与艺术,加勒比海节日艺术,英语加勒比海及其侨民的音乐,区域研究(按岛屿,国家或州划分)以及传记和批评研究(一种格式)反映了Gray以前的书目指南。该卷中最短的部分是“文化历史与艺术”,它是对该地区感兴趣的研究人员的起点。本部分首先提供有关加勒比英语文化和艺术的一般作品列表,然后更具体地按美国(佛罗里达州),英国和加拿大的岛屿或流散地点列出。“加勒比节日艺术”提供了来自加勒比海以及纽约,多伦多和伦敦的狂欢节以及其他游行和化装舞会传统的资源。' 加勒比英语及其侨民的音乐提供了英语加勒比及其侨民的音乐来源的详尽清单。“区域研究”包括以加勒比海地区为中心的资源,然后按地区(单个岛屿,国家或州)列出了区域研究文本。《传记和批判研究》提供了有关铁锅音乐家和卡里普森人的资料。在这些部分之后,该卷包括一个在汇编其条目过程中参考的来源列表,一个有用的图书馆和档案馆列表以及按职业划分的表演者附录(包括个人和合奏),以及列出的另一位音乐家附录按原籍国。“区域研究”包括以加勒比海地区为中心的资源,然后按地区(单个岛屿,国家或州)列出了区域研究文本。《传记和批判研究》提供了有关铁锅音乐家和卡里普森人的资料。在这些部分之后,该卷包括一个在汇编其条目过程中参考的来源列表,一个有用的图书馆和档案馆列表以及按职业划分的表演者附录(包括个人和合奏),以及列出的另一位音乐家附录按原籍国。“区域研究”包括以加勒比海地区为中心的资源,然后按地区(单个岛屿,国家或州)列出了区域研究文本。《传记和批判研究》提供了有关铁锅音乐家和卡里普森人的资料。在这些部分之后,该卷包括一个在汇编其条目过程中参考的来源列表,一个有用的图书馆和档案馆列表以及按职业划分的表演者附录(包括个人和合奏),以及列出的另一位音乐家附录按原籍国。


作为书目指南,Carnival,Calypso和Steel Pan完全按照既定目标完成工作:为有兴趣开始非牙买加英语加勒比海主题项目的人们提供有价值的研究工具。显着地...