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这些十月截止的征稿特辑适合你么?| 生物细胞 光学材料 工程灾害 | Scientific Reports

期刊:Scientific Reports

征稿特辑:Call for papers





Fluorescent probes 荧光探针

客座编辑:Karin Busch, Pascal Didier, Shiguo Sun (西北农林科技大学)

Fluorescent probes have revolutionized the life sciences, and are widely used for the real-time detection, tracking and quantification of biomolecules in living cells. Their utility comes from their capacity to absorb light of a specific wavelength, and emit light of a slightly longer wavelength through fluorescence. They have a myriad of applications, from primary research to human diagnostics, and the field is ever-evolving, yielding probes with better sensitivity and photostability.

This Collection aims to celebrate fluorescent probes, and welcomes submissions with a focus on fluorescent probe development, as well as those showcasing their application in furthering our understanding of biological processes and human diseases.



Mechanotransduction 力传导

客座编辑:Eileen Gentleman,Irena Levitan,Béla Suki

Through mechanotransduction, organisms are able to respond to mechanical stimuli in the environment, with a physical input being converted into biochemical signalling, leading to a cellular response. These mechanical stimuli guide a range of inter and intracellular decisions and activities, however the underlying molecular mechanisms and sensors responsible are not yet fully characterised.

This Collection will bring together studies which advance our understanding of the mechanisms that underlie mechanotransduction at a cellular level, as well as those that explore how mechanotransduction relates to health and disease.



Edge intelligence for the next generation Internet of Things


客座编辑:Zonghua Gu,Stefano RicciardiShaohua Wan (中南政法大学)

The exponential growth and availability of mobile and Internet of Things devices is producing huge volumes of multi-modal data which need to be analysed in real time at the network edge, that is, near the data source itself instead of relying on the cloud. Edge Computing has enabled extensive computing capabilities to gain insights and make decisions at the edge of the network before the data is sent to the cloud. More recently, breakthroughs in deep learning have paved the way to a new emerging technology, Edge Intelligence, that is posed to revolutionise the computing landscape by combining advanced connectivity, compact processing power, and artificial intelligence located near devices that use and generate data. How to migrate the conventional big data architecture to the new edge context raises new challenges in its decentralised management and security.

This Collection aims to stimulate discussion and highlight original research in the field of Edge Intelligence for the next generation Internet of Things and intends to provide a timely venue for engineers, researchers, and industrial professionals to showcase their latest solutions, new emerging trends, and state-of-the-art applications in engineering and any other IT fields which may benefit from the edge computing paradigm.



Cancer cell metabolism 癌细胞代谢

客座编辑:László G. Boros,Maria Rosa Ciriolo,Yassine El Hiani

Targeting metabolic pathways in cancer cells holds major therapeutic promise. Inhibition of glycolysis, the dominant pathway for ATP production in most cancer cells, can deprive tumors of both energy and essential metabolic intermediates. Meanwhile, mitochondrial metabolism is increasingly implicated in tumor growth and survival. Targeting mitochondrial activity can disrupt macromolecule synthesis and the response to cellular stress.

This Collection aims to highlight research on the metabolic bases of cancer cell function, with an eye towards the development of treatment strategies.



Technologies for disaster risk management and resilience


客座编辑:Dina D'Ayala,You Dong (香港理工大学)Fangxin Fang

Natural and man-made disasters have significant social, economic, and environmental impact. In 2015, the United Nations formally recognised, through the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, the need for international cooperation toward reducing disaster risk, and loss of lives, livelihoods, and health. Along with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework underlines the importance of science and technology in accelerating all aspects of disaster risk reduction, and calls for international cooperation and global partnership among scientific and technological communities to extend critical knowledge, in order to prevent and mitigate future disasters, and develop strategies for effective disaster risk management, response, recovery, and resilience.

In the spirit of the Sendai Framework, this collection aims to gather the latest technological advances aimed towards measuring and anticipating the effects of future hazards. We will consider research in the fields of engineering, robotics, remote sensing, forecasting, and data science, and papers that focus on reducing our exposure and susceptibility, ensuring sustainable land and environmental management, improving preparedness for disruptive events, and raising resilience.



Artificial intelligence for personalised medicine 


客座编辑:Michael D. Abramoff,Nicholas Furnham,Reiko Tanaka

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) present an opportunity to optimise pathways of diagnosis and prognosis, and to develop personalised strategies for treatment, through the utilisation of large datasets. For instance, analyses which capture potential risk-factors – from underlying genetics to specific environments – could aid in the development of prophylactic strategies, and more accurate diagnosis. In addition, both structural and functional imaging techniques can provide patient specific insight into current health, and inform treatment.

This Collection will present papers that demonstrate innovations in the use of AI in health, from personalised assessment of risk, to improved diagnostic and treatment protocols.



Advances in vaccines 疫苗进展

客座编辑:El-Sayed M. Abdelwhab,Ivan Campeotto,Sérgio Oliveira de Paula

Safe and effective vaccines are the cornerstone in our arsenal of tools for combating the global burden of infectious diseases. As illustrated in the COVID-19 pandemic, the effective utilisation of novel technologies and approaches in vaccine development can be critical in enabling the timely control and mitigation of disease outbreaks.

This Collection welcomes submissions reporting new developments in vaccinology, including advances in epitope selection, antigen delivery and candidate vaccine evaluation.



Optical techniques for the recording and manipulation of neural activity in-vivo


客座编辑:Robert Krencik,Talia Lerner,Xuelin Lou

Optical methods have revolutionised the experimental measurement and control of neuronal populations. In optogenetics, the expression of light-activated opsin channels in cells enables investigators to initiate specific cellular events through the application of light as a precise activating signal. This allows us to understand the basic functioning of cells and neuronal pathways at a higher spatial and temporal resolution than before. In parallel, related optical methods have emerged that endow us with the ability to measure changes in cell activation through the release of fluorescent markers. These techniques afford either bulk or single-cell calcium imaging of neural activity with high temporal and spatial resolution in behaving animals.

Since the first exploration of optical techniques in the early 2000s, the experimental tools and methods have been repeatedly refined. Indeed, it has become more and more common that both recording and manipulation of neural activity using these techniques is performed within the same animal, providing a level of control and observation of neurons in a way we have never experienced. This Collection aims to gather research using the latest optical techniques in neuroscience, and what we've learned from their application.



Materials under high pressure  高压下的材料

客座编辑:Changqing Jin (中国科学院物理研究所), Wei Luo, Yang Song

Pressure is one of the fundamental thermodynamic variables. It affects intermolecular interactions and interatomic properties. Under extreme conditions such as high pressure, materials exhibit properties which can be remarkably different from those observed at ambient conditions. Advances in high pressure research have shown that it can be used to produce exotic materials with a range of different characteristics such as superhardness, superconductivity, and novel mechanical properties.

This Collection is open to research investigating high pressure techniques, applications, and products, including methods of retaining properties gained under high pressure once the sample is returned to ambient conditions.



Microbial cooperation and conflict 微生物合作与冲突

客座编辑:Haluk Beyenal, Vijay Parashar, Vishvanath Tiwari

Social interactions are widespread among unicellular organisms. Bacteria form biofilms, allowing them to share extracellular substances, exploit new resources, and defend against protozoan predators and antimicrobial drugs. Yeast and social amoebae aggregate, forming complex cell-to-cell interactions that provide insight into the evolutionary origins of multicellularity. Even viruses interact with one another, producing public goods and cooperating to exploit hosts prudently.

This Collection welcomes empirical and theoretical papers exploring the genetic and environmental factors that shape these social interactions, as well as the resulting implications for fields like biotechnology, medicine, ecology, and sociobiology.



Reinfection 再感染

客座编辑:Folashade Agusto,Silvana Gaudieri,Shih-Yen Lo

Primary infection typically confers some level of immunity against the infecting pathogen and similar strains. Still, pathogens are sometimes able to overcome the immune defenses of a previously infected host, leading to reinfection. Understanding the mechanisms underlying this process is crucial for public health. The prevalence of reinfection depends on a range of pathogen and host factors, including epidemiological, immunological, demographic, and genetic. In some diseases, previously infected hosts are actually more susceptible to reinfection due to antibody-mediated pathogen replication.

This Collection explores the interplay between hosts and pathogens during secondary infections.


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