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Vapor-Solid Synthesis of Monolithic Single-Crystalline CoP Nanowire Electrodes for Efficient and Robust Water Electrolysis 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-23

Wei Li, Xuefei Gao, Dehua Xiong, Fang Xia, Jian Liu, Weiguo Song, Junyuan Xu, Sitaramanjaneya Mouli Thalluri, M. Fatima Cerqueira, Xiuli Fu, Lifeng Liu 

Electrochemical water splitting into hydrogen and oxygen is a promising technology for sustainable energy storage. The development of earth-abundant transition metal phosphides (TMPs) for use to catalyze the hydrogen evolution...

Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed Stereoselective [4+2] Cycloaddition of Oxetanols with Alkynes through C(sp3)-C(sp3) Bond Cleavage 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-23

Rui Guo, Xinxin Zheng, Dayong Zhang, Guozhu Zhang 

An efficient and convenient synthesis of highly functionalized dihyropyrans has been achieved through Rhodium (I)-catalysed tandem C(sp3)-C(sp3) bond cleavage and annulation of oxetanols with alkynes. An enantioselective version was enabled...

Model-free extraction of spin label position distributions from pseudocontact shift data 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-20

Elizaveta Suturina, Daniel Haussinger, Kaspar Zimmermann, Luca Garbuio, Maxim Yulikov, Gunnar Jeschke, Ilya Kuprov 

A significant problem with paramagnetic tags attached to proteins and nucleic acids is their conformational mobility. Each tag is statistically distributed within a volume between 5 and 10 Angstroms across;...

Long wavelength excitable near-infrared fluorescent nanoparticles with aggregation-induced emission characteristics for image-guided tumor resection 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-20

Jie Liu, Chao Chen, Shenglu Ji, Qian Liu, Dan Ding, Dan Zhao, Bin Liu 

Near infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging (700-900 nm) is a promising technology in preclinical and clinical tumor diagnosis and therapy. The availability of excellent NIR fluorescent contrast agents is still the...

Template-directed synthesis of linear porphyrin oligomers: classical, Vernier and mutual Vernier 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-20

Nuntaporn Kamonsutthipaijit, Harry Laurence Anderson 

Three different types of template-directed syntheses of linear porphyrin oligomers are presented. In the classical approach the product has the same number of binding sites as the template, whereas in...

A Rational Pre-Catalyst Design for Bis-Phosphine Mono-Oxide Palladium Catalyzed Reactions 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-19

Yining Ji, Hongmin Li, Alan Hyde, Qinghao Chen, Kevin Belyk, Katrina Lexa, Jingjun Yin, Edward Sherer, Robert Thomas Williamson, Andrew Patrick Brunskill, Sumei Ren, Louis-Charles Campeau, I Davies, Rebecca Ruck 

Significant catalyst loading reduction and increased reaction robustness have been achieved for a Pd-catalyzed asymmetric intramolecular C-N coupling through comprehensive mechanistic studies. Detailed kinetic, spectroscopic, and crystallographic analyses revealed that...

Watasemycin biosynthesis in Streptomyces venezuelae: thiazoline C-methylation by a type B radical-SAM methylase homologue 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-19

Yuki Inahashi, Shanshan Zhou, Maureen J. Bibb, Lijang Song, Mahmoud M. Al-Bassam, mervyn bibb, Gregory L Challis 

2-Hydroxyphenylthiazolines are a family of iron-chelating nonribosomal peptide natural products that function as virulence-conferring siderophores in various Gram-negative bacteria. They have also been reported as metabolites of Gram-positive Streptomyces species....

Efficient strategies for ultrasensitive imaging of gene expression in living cells are essential for chemistry and cell biology. Here, we report a novel and efficient enzyme-free dual signal amplification strategy...

Enantioselective [2+2] Cycloaddition of N-Allenamides with Cyclic N-Sulfonylketimines: Access to Polysubstituted Azetidines Bearing Quaternary Stereocenters 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-19

Yi-Xia Jia, Ren-Rong Liu, Jiang-Ping Hu, Jian-Jun Hong, Chuan-Jun Lu, Jianrong Gao 

A Ni(ClO4)2-catalyzed enantioselective [2+2] cycloaddition of Nallenamides with cyclic N-sulfonylketimines was developed, which regioselectively occurred at the proximal C=C bonds of N-allenamides. Broad substrate scope of N-allenamides and cyclic N-sulfonylketimines...

Generalized-Active-Space Pair-Density Functional Theory: An Efficient Method to Study Large, Strongly Correlated, Conjugated Systems 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-19

Soumen Ghosh, Christopher J. Cramer, Donald G. Truhlar, Laura Gagliardi 

Predicting ground- and excited-state properties of open-shell organic molecules by electronic structure theory can be challenging because an accurate treatment has to correctly describe both static and dynamic electron correlation....

Nuclear-targeted siRNA delivery for long-term gene silencing 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-19

Na Li, Huijun Yang, Zhengze Yu, Yanli Li, Wei Pan, Hongyu Wang, Bo Tang 

Developing effective nonviral siRNA delivery systems for long-term gene silencing remains a great challenge. Here we present a nuclear-targeted siRNA delivery system that can induce long-term gene silencing in cancer...

The Protecting-Group Free Selective 3'-Functionalization of Nucleosides 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-18

Jamie Marie McCabe Dunn, Mikhail Reibarkh, Edward Sherer, Robert Orr, Rebecca Ruck, Bryon Simmons, Ana Bellomo 

The direct and chemoselective 3'-phosphoramidation, phosphorylation and acylation of nucleosides is described. Upon the discovery of a novel 3'-phosphorylamidation of therapeutic nucleoside analogues with DBU, we explored the mechanism of...

Intramolecular water splitting reaction in single collisions of water ions with surfaces 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-18

Yunxi Yao, Konstantinos P Giapis 

We report the direct formation of H2 and O pair ions in single collisions of water ions with metal surfaces at hyperthermal energy. This unusual intra-molecular reaction proceeds also for...

Visualization of Drug Delivery Processes with AIEgens 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-18

Youyong Yuan, Bin Liu 

Drug delivery systems (DDSs) have been extensively studied as carriers to deliver small molecule chemo-drugs to tumors for cancer therapy. The therapeutic efficiency of chemo-drugs is crucially dependent on the...

A new H2S-specific near-infrared fluorescence-enhanced probe can visualize H2S level in colorectal cancer cells in mice 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-17

Kun Zhang, Jie Zhang, Zhen Xi, Luyuan Li, Xiangxiang Gu, Qiangzhe Zhang, Long Yi 

Near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence-based sensors capable of selective detection of H2S in vivo would be useful tools to understand the mechanisms of diseases. A new NIR fluorescent probe 1 was developed...

Bimetallic Catalysis for C-C and C-X Coupling Reactions 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-16

Dominic R Pye, Neal Mankad 

Bimetallic catalysis represents an alternative paradigm for coupling chemistry that complements the more traditional single-site catalysis approach. In this Perspective, recent advances in bimetallic systems for catalytic C-C and C-X...

The one-step dehydration, decarboxylation and hydrogenation of the bio-based and widely avalaible citric acid is presented. This reaction sequence yields methylsuccinic acid with yields up to 89%. Optimal balances between...

Heterogeneous Catalase-like Activity of Gold(I)-Cobalt(III) Metallosupramolecular Ionic Crystals 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-16

Mihoko Yamada, Nobuto Yoshinari, Naoto Kuwamura, Toru Saito, Satoshi Okada, Sai Prakash MADDALA, Koji Harano, Eiichi Nakamura, Kohei Yamagami, Keisuke YAMANAKA, Akira Sekiyama, Tomoyoshi Suenobu, Yusuke Yamada, Takumi Konno 

Unique heterogeneous catalase-like activity was observed for metallosupramolecular ionic crystals [AuI4CoIII2(dppe)2(D-pen)4]Xn ([1]Xn; dppe = 1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane; D-pen = D-penicillaminate; Xn = (Cl-)2, (ClO4-)2, (NO3-)2 or SO42-) consisting of AuI4CoIII2 complex cations,...

Radically promoted formation of a molecular lasso 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-16

Yuping Wang, Junling Sun, Zhichang Liu, Majed S Nassar, Youssry Y. Botros, J. Fraser Stoddart 

Two potential viologen-based molecular lasso precursors-both composed of a 4,4'-bipyridinium (BIPY2+) unit as part of a rope appended to a cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) (CBPQT4+) loop-that have been designed to mimic the threading...

Highly specific noninvasive photoacoustic and positron emission tomography of brain plaque with functionalized croconium dye labeled by a radiotracer 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-13

Yajing Liu, Yanping Yang, Ying Fu, Mengcao Cui, Mingjian Sun, Yu Lin, Zijing Li, Liming Nie 

High-efficient targeting probes are desirable for disease diagnosis and functional imaging. However, most current near-infrared (NIR) probes suffer from low signal conversion, insufficient photostability, poor probe specificity, and limited functions....

Highly Near-IR-Emissive Ytterbium(III) Complexes with Unprecendented Quantum Yields 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-13

Ji-Yun Hu, Yingying Ning, Yin-Shan Meng, Jing Zhang, Zhuo-Yan Wu, Song Gao, Jun-Long Zhang 

The design of highly near infrared (NIR) emissive lanthanide (Ln) is challenging, owing to the lack of molecular systems with high sensitization efficiency and to the difficulty of achieving large...

Molecular Dynamics and Charge Transport in Organic Semiconductors: A Classical Approach to Modeling Electron Transfer 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-11

Kenley Pelzer, Alvaro Vazquez-Mayagoitia, Laura Elizabeth Ratcliff, Sergei Tretiak, Raymond Bair, Stephen Gray, Troy Van Voorhis, Ross Larsen, Seth Darling 

Organic photovoltaics (OPVs) are a promising carbon-neutral energy conversion technology, with recent improvements pushing power conversion efficiencies over 10%. A major factor limiting OPV performance is inefficiency of charge transport...

Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Phenothiazine-Dibenzo[a,j]phenazine-Phenothiazine Triads Exhibiting Tricolor-Changing Mechanochromic Luminescence 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-11

Masato Okazaki, Youhei Takeda, Przemyslaw Data, Piotr Pander, Heather Higginbotham, Andrew P Monkman, Satoshi Minakata 

Novel U-shaped donor-acceptor-donor (D-A-D) [small pi]-conjugated multi-functional molecules comprising of dibenzo[a,j]phenazine (DBPHZ) as an acceptor and phenothiazines (PTZ) as donors have been developed. Most importantly, the D-A-D compounds exhibit not only...

Zwitterionic Near Infrared Fluorescent Agents for Noninvasive Real-time Transcutaneous Assessment of Kidney Function 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-11

Jiaguo Huang, Stefanie Weinfurter, Cristina Daniele, Rossana Perciaccante, Rodeghiero Federica, Della Della Della, Johannes Pill, Norbert Gretz 

We developed novel zwitterionic near infrared (NIR) fluorescent agents (ABZWCY-HP[small beta]CD and AAZWCY-HP[small beta]CD), which exhibit favorable hydrophilicity, low plasma protein binding, high stability and non-toxicity. These attractive characteristics make them be...

A two-center three-electron 2c-3e bond (hemi-bond) is a non-classical chemical bond, and its existence has been supposed in radical cation clusters with lone pairs. Though the nature of the hemi-bond...

Aggregation-Induced Emission: Mechanistic Study of Clusteroluminescence of Tetrathienylethene 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-11

Lucia Viglianti, Nelson Lik Ching Leung, Ni Xie, Xinggui Gu, Herman H-Y. Sung, Qian Miao, Ian D Williams, Emanuela Licandro, Ben Zhong Tang 

In this work we have investigated the aggregation-induced emission (AIE) behaviour of 1,1,2,2-tetra(thiophen-2-yl)ethene (tetrathienylethene, TTE). The semi-locked and fully-locked derivatives (sl-TTE and fl-TTE) have been synthesized to better understand the...

pH- and Ligand-Induced Release of Loads from DNA-Acrylamide Hydrogel Microcapsules 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-10

Wei-Ching Liao, Sivan Lilienthal, Jason Kahn, Marianna Riutin, Yang Sung Sohn, Rachel Nechushtai, Itamar Willner 

A method to construct stimuli-responsive DNA-acrylamide-based hydrogel microcapsules is presented. The method involves the use of polyacrylamide chains modified with pre-designed nucleic acid hairpin units, and eventually, single-strand tethers that...

Cobalt-catalysed C-H carbonylative cyclisation of aliphatic amides 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-10

Matthew J Gaunt, Patrick Williamson, Alicia Galvan 

A cobalt- catalysed C-H carbonylation of aliphatic carboxamide derivatives is described, employing comercially available Co(II)-salts in the presence of a silver oxidant. This operationally simple process utilises an atmospheric pressure...

Light-Up Probe based on AIEgens: Dual Signal Turn-On for Cascade Caspase Activation Monitoring 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-09

Youyong Yuan, Chong-Jing Zhang, Ryan T. K. Kwok, Duo Mao, Ben Zhong Tang, Bin Liu 

Direct monitoring of multiple enzyme activities in a given biological process is extremely important for disease diagnosis. Herein, we report a single fluorescent probe that targets two caspase activities in...

Selective N-terminal Functionalization of Native Peptides and Proteins 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-09

Diao Chen, Maria Disotuar, Xiaochun Xiong, Yuanxiang Wang, Danny Hung-chieh Chou 

We report an efficient, highly selective modification on the N-terminal amines of peptides and proteins using aldehyde derivatives via reductive amination. Modification of a library of unprotected peptides XYSKEASAL (X...

Discovery of a small molecule targeting ULK1-modulating cell death of triple negative breast cancer in vitro and in vivo 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-09

Lan Zhang, Leilei Fu, Shouyue Zhang, Jin Zhang, Yuqian Zhao, Yaxin Zheng, Gu He, Sheng-Yong Yang, Liang Ouyang, Bo Liu 

UNC-51-like kinase 1 (ULK1) is well-known to initiate autophagy, and downregulation of ULK1 has been found in most breast cancer tissues. Thus, activation of ULK1-modulated autophagy may be a promising...

Spin-Crossover and High-Spin Iron(II) Complexes as Chemical Shift 19F Magnetic Resonance Thermometers 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-06

Agnes E Thorarinsdottir, Alexandra I. Gaudette, T David Harris 

The potential utility of paramagnetic transition metal complexes as chemical shift 19F magnetic resonance (MR) thermometers is demonstrated. In addition, we show that spin-crossover FeII complexes can provide much higher...

Mapping the protein recognition centre with chiral photoactive ligands. An integrated approach combining photophysics, reactivity, proteomics and molecular dynamic simulation studies 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-05

Daniel Limones-Herrero, Raul Perez-Ruiz, Emilio Lence, Concepcion Gonzalez-Bello, Miguel Miranda, M. Consuelo Consuelo Jimenez 

A multidisciplinary strategy to obtain structural information on the intraprotein region is described here. As probe ligands, (S)- and (R)-CPFMe (the methyl esters of the chiral drug carprofen) have been...

Tetrahedral Structure and Luminescence Properties of Bi-Metallic Pt1Ag28(SR)18¬(PPh3)4 Nanocluster 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-05

Xi Kang, Meng Zhou, Shuxin Wang, Shan Jin, Guodong Sun, Manzhou Zhu, Rongchao Jin 

The atomic-structure characterization of alloy nanoclusters (NCs) is still challenging but it is crucial in order to understand the synergism and develop new applications based upon the distinct properties of...

Unexpected Right-Handed Helical Nanostructures Co-Assembled from L-Phenylalanine Derivatives and Achiral Bipyridines 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-04

Guofeng Liu, Jinying Liu, chuanliang Feng, Yanli Zhao 

The construction of chiral supramolecular systems with desirable handedness is of great importance in materials science, chemistry and biology, since chiral nanostructures exhibit fascinating photophysical properties and unique biological effects....

Dual gold and photoredox catalysis: Visible light-mediated intermolecular atom transfer thiosulfonylation of alkenes 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-04

Haoyu Li, Cuicui Shan, Chen-Ho Tung, ZHENGHU XU 

Regioselective difunctionalization of alkenes has attracted tremendous attentions from synthetic chemists, which has the advantage of introducing diverse functional groups onto vicinal carbons of common alkene moieties in a single...

CO/CO and NO/NO Coupling at a Hidden Frustrated Lewis Pair Template 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-04

Gerhard Erker, Tongdao Wang, Long Wang, Constantin Gabriel Daniliuc, Kamil Samigullin, Matthias Wagner, Gerald Kehr 

N-allyltetramethylpiperidine is readily isomerized to the corresponding enamine by treatment with catalytic amounts of B(C6F5)3. It adds HB(C6F5)2 at the nucleophilic enamine carbon atom to form a C/B Lewis adduct....

Electrochemical Promotion of Catalysis over Pd Nanoparticles for CO2 Reduction 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-03

Fan Cai, Dunfeng Gao, Hu Zhou, Guoxiong Wang, Ting He, Huimin Gong, Shu Miao, Fan Yang, Jian-guo Wang, Xinhe Bao 

Electrochemical promotion of catalysis (EPOC) has been shown to accelerate the rate of many heterogeneous catalytic reactions, but rarely reported in low-temperature aqueous electrochemistry. Here, we report a significant EPOC...

Visible light-induced water splitting in an aqueous suspension of a plasmonic Au/TiO2 photocatalyst with metal co-catalysts 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-03

Atsuhiro Tanaka, Kentaro Teramura, Saburo Hosokawa, Hiroshi Kominami, Tsunehiro Tanaka 

We found that plasmonic Au particles on titanium(IV) oxide (TiO2) act as a visible-light-driven photocatalyst for overall water splitting free from any additives. This is the first report showing that...

A new class of Cu/ZnO catalysts derived from zincian georgeite precursors prepared by co-precipitation 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-03

Paul Smith, Simon Kondrat, Philip A Chater, Ben Yeo, Greg Shaw, Li Lu, Jonathan K. Bartley, Stuart H. Taylor, Michael Spencer, Christopher Kiely, Gordon Kelly, Colin Park, Graham Hutchings 

Zincian georgeite, an amorphous copper-zinc hydroxycarbonate, has been prepared by co-precipitation using acetate salts and ammonium carbonate. Incorporation of zinc into the georgeite phase and mild ageing conditions inhibits crystallisation...

Simultaneous Impedance Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Microscopy for the Real-Time Monitoring of the Response of Cells to Drugs 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-03

Maryam Parviz, Katharina Gaus, John Justin Gooding 

A dual fluorescence microscopy and electrochemical strategy to investigate how cell-surface interactions influence the cellular responses to cues for cell based biosensing of drug efficacy is reported. The combined method...

Anion exchange coupled with reduction and dimerisation of a copper(II) nitrate complex of tripyridyl dithioether via a single-crystal-to-single-crystal transformation 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-03

Hyeong-Hwan Lee, In-Hyeok Park, Seulgi Kim, Eunji Lee, Huiyeong Ju, Jong Hwa Jung, Mari Ikeda, Yoichi Habata, Shim Sung Lee 

It is a challenge to develop methodologies involving multiple transformations for preparing new materials that cannot be obtained via direct synthesis. Herein, we report an anion exchange process accompanying cation...

Silica-Supported Isolated Gallium Sites as Highly Active, Selective and Stable Propane Dehydrogenation Catalysts 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2017-01-03

Keith Searles, Georges G Siddiqi, Olga V. Safonova, Christophe Coperet 

Single-site gallium centers on the surface of silica are prepared via grafting of [Ga(OSi(OtBu)3)3(THF)] on SiO2-700 followed by a thermolysis step. The resulting surface species corresponds to well-defined tetra-coordinate gallium...

Early transition metals (TMs) such as titanium generally resist undergoing reductive elimination to form CX bond due to their weak electronegativity. By analyzing the mechanism of titanium-catalyzed synthesis of pyrroles...

Piezochromism and Hydrochromism through Electron Transfer: New Stories for Viologen Materials 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-22

Qi Sui, Xiangting Ren, Yuxiang Dai, Kai Wang, Wentao Li, Teng Gong, Jia-jia Fang, Bo Zou, En-Qing Gao, Lin Wang 

While viologen derivatives have long been known for electrochromism and photochromism, here we demonstrated that a viologen-carboxylate zwitterionic molecule in the crystalline state exhibits piezochromic and hydrochromic behaviors. The yellow...

Photoactivatable aggregation-induced emission probes for lipid droplets-specific live cell imaging 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-21

Meng Gao, Huifang Su, Yuhan Lin, Xia Ling, Shiwu Li, Anjun Qin, Ben Zhong Tang 

Photoactivatable probes for lipid droplets (LDs)-specific live-cell imaging are powerful tools for investigation of their biological functions through precisely spatial and temporal control. Ideal photoactivatable probes for LDs imaging require...

Light responsive metal-organic frameworks as a controllable CO-releasing cell culture substrate 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-21

Stephane Diring, Arnau Carne-Sanchez, JiCheng Zhang, Shuya Ikemura, Chiwon Kim, Hiroshi Inaba, Susumu Kitagawa, Shuhei Furukawa 

A new carbon monoxide (CO) releasing material has been developed by embedding a manganese carbonyl complex, MnBr(bpydc)(CO)3 (bpydc = 5,5[prime or minute]-dicarboxylate-2,2[prime or minute]-bipyridine) into a highly robust Zr(IV)-based metal-organic framework (MOF). Efficient and...

Rectification of Current Responds to Incorporation of Fullerenes into Mixed-Monolayers of Alkanethiolates in Tunneling Junctions 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-20

Li Qiu, Yanxi Zhang, Theodorus Leonardus Krijger, Xinkai Qiu, Patrick van 't Hof, Jan Cornelis Hummelen, Ryan Chiechi 

This paper describes the rectification of current through molecular junctions comprising self-assembled monolayers of decanethiolate through the incorporation of C60 fullerene moieties bearing undecanethiol groups in junctions using eutectic Ga-In...

Enhanced Intersystem Crossing in Core-Twisted Aromatics 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-20

Kalaivanan Nagarajan, Ajith Ravi Mallia, Keerthi Muraleedharan, Mahesh Hariharan 

We describe the design, bottom-up synthesis and X-ray single crystal structure of systematically twisted aromatics 1c and 2d for efficient intersystem crossing. Steric congestion at the cove region creates nonplanar...

Pairwise Hydrogen Addition in the Selective Semihydrogenation of Alkynes on Silica-Supported Cu Catalysts 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-20

Oleg Salnikov, Hsueh-Ju Liu, Alexey Fedorov, Dudari Burueva, Kirill V. Kovtunov, Christophe Coperet, Igor V. Koptyug 

Mechanistic insight into the semihydrogenation of 1-butyne and 2-butyne on Cu nanoparticles supported on partially dehydroxylated silica (Cu/SiO2 700) was obtained using parahydrogen. Hydrogenation of 1-butyne over Cu/SiO2 700 yielded...

The first example of the use of an N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) as an organocatalyst for the activation of isocyanides was demonstrated. On the basis of previous reports on the interaction...

Cobalt Catalyzed Carbonylation of Unactivated C(sp3)-H bonds 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-20

Nagaraju Barsu, Shyam Kumar Bolli, Basker Sundararaju 

A, general efficient, regioselective cobalt catalyzed carbonylation of unactivated C(sp3)-H bond of aliphatic amide was demonstrated using atmospheric (1-2 atm) carbon monoxide as a C1 source. This straightforward approach provides...

Effect of Ring Rotation upon Gas Adsorption in SIFSIX-3-M (M = Fe, Ni) Pillared Square Grid Network 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-19

Praveen Kumar Thallapally, Sameh H Elsaidi, Mona Mohamed, Cory M Simon, Efrem Daniel Braun, Tony Pham, Katherine Forrest, Wenqian Xu, Debasis Banerjee, Brian Space, Mike Zawaratko 

Dynamic metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) that respond to external stimuli, such as pressure, light and temperature, hold promise for applications in chemical sensing, drug delivery, gas separations, and catalysis. A greater...

Reactivity of a Coordinated Inorganic Acetylene Unit, HBNH, and the Azidoborane Cation [HB(N3)]+ 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-19

Anindya K Swarnakar, Christian Hering-Junghans, Michael J Ferguson, Robert McDonald, Eric Rivard 

A donor-acceptor complex of HBNH was prepared via thermolysis of a carbene-stabilized azidoborane. The reactivity of the fundamentally important HBNH unit (inorganic alkyne analogue) was explored in detail, including attempts...

A practical strategy to design and develop an isoform-specific fluorescent probe for a target enzyme: CYP1A1 as a case study 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-19

Zi-ru Dai, Lei Feng, Qiang Jin, Hai-Ling Cheng, Yan Li, Jing Ning, Yang Yu, Guang-Bo Ge, JN Cui, Ling Yang 

Development of isoform-specific probe(s) for a target enzyme with multiple homologs is always challenging. Herein, a practical strategy was used to design and develop an isoform-specific probe for CYP1A1, a...

Protein-based Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Super-resolution STED Imaging of Live Cells 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-19

Li Shang, Peng Gao, Haixia Wang, Radian Popescu, Dagmar Gerthsen, G. Ulrich Nienhaus 

Development of nanoparticles for super-resolution imaging (sriNPs) can greatly enrich the toolbox of robust optical probes for biological studies. Moreover, they enable us to monitor the behavior of engineered nanomaterials...

Metal halide perovskite nanomaterials: Synthesis and applications 

Chem. Sci. ( IF 9.144 ) 2016-12-16

Qihua Xiong, Son Tung Ha, Qing Zhang, Rui Su, Jun Xing 

Low dimensional materials refer to those with at least one dimension being at nanoscale (i.e. <100 nm) such as quantum dots (0D), nanowires (1D), and nanoplatelets (2D). Those types of...

Some contents have been Reproduced with permission of the American Chemical Society.
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